Tips for the Perfect Money Dance

By, November 09, 2017

The Money Dance is one of many traditions that may take place at the wedding reception. During the Money Dance, also known as the honeymoon dance, guests are invited to cut in and dance with the bridal couple… for a price. The purpose of the dance is to symbolically contribute to the financial well being of newlyweds, and to celebrate their lives together.

01Money Dance
03Money Dance
04Money Dance
05Money Dance
06Money Dance
The Money Dance is a great way to get a few moments with all of your guests, get a photo with them, and thank them for attending your big day.
07Money Dance
08Money Dance
09Money Dance
10Money Dance
11Money Dance
It's also an undeniable opportunity to goof around with some of your best friends.
13Money Dance
14Money Dance
When planning your Money Dance, make sure you bring pins for the guests to pin the money to your dress and / or suit.
15Money Dance
12Money Dance
Try to limit each dance to 15-20 seconds. It sounds fast, but the time will add up quickly when you're dancing with so many people.
16Money Dance
17Money Dance
18Money Dance
Most importantly, have fun!
19Money Dance
02Money Dance
20Money Dance
21Money Dance

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