Stylized Wedding Portraits Showcase

By, June 01, 2015

We take pride in capturing weddings through a variety of formal shots, candids and stylized portraits. Today’s spotlight is on the stylized portrait, where we get creative with lighting, poses, and our surroundings. The resulting images are intended to bring out the personality of the subjects with a sleek, magazine-style approach.

When photographing these portraits, the goal is to play off of the environment, and to evoke the theme of your wedding day. We go for simplicity and storytelling within the photograph. If the shot is way over the top, it can look somewhat canned or cheesy. So if there are props at all, they are typically everyday objects that happen to exist in the location already.

It requires a bit of commitment to pull off a dramatic stylized portrait. You can actually see doubt in a photograph. So we suggest to just say yes to your photographer’s suggestions :) By putting 100% trust in the photographer, the picture really will turn out best. If we see something looking funny, we will always let you know, to ensure that everything looks clean and flattering.

Please enjoy our selection of stylized portraits from our recent weddings!


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