Golf Course Weddings | The Right Approach

By, April 04, 2014

Whether you are an avid golfer, or you don’t know the difference between a fairway and a freeway, golf courses have a lot to offer when it comes to weddings. Many golf courses also double as wedding venues, with options for romantic outdoor ceremonies and grand receptions. The vibrant colors, dramatic landscapes, and playful scenarios make excellent photography backdrops too! We have “retrieved” some of our favorite photos from recent golf course weddings to share with you.

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Estate Weddings | One of a Kind Venues

By, April 02, 2014

For those seeking a signature touch and a personal connection to the venue, private estates can offer up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s a luxury villa, historic mansion, or acres of private land, an estate is a unique location that can that reflect your personality as a couple. An estate is also like a beautiful blank canvas, because it allows you to design around a framework, and add your own personal touches and embellishments. Take a look at some of our favorite photos from recent estate weddings.

estate-1 estate-2 estate-3 estate-4 estate-5-6 estate-7 estate-8 estate-9 estate-10-11 estate-12-13 estate-14 estate-15 estate-16-17 estate-18 estate-19-20 estate-21

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Hotel Del Coronado | Historic Island Paradise

By, March 28, 2014

Nestled on the shore of one of America’s top ranked beaches is the famous The Hotel del Coronado. This historic venue is is a playground for Hollywood films, celebrities, presidents and royalty. Naturally, many couples want to take part in the excitement, and choose this beach resort for their big day. A national landmark, The Hotel Del boasts Victorian architecture, and has many nooks and crannies where we love to photograph. Between the beach and resort, the property is a dream for couples to wed, and a local institution. Here are a few highlights from recent weddings we’ve photographed at the Hotel Del Coronado.

coronado-1 coronado-2-3 coronado-4 coronado-5 coronado-6 coronado-7 coronado-8 coronado-9 coronado-10 coronado-11 coronado-12-13 coronado-14 coronado-15 coronado-16 coronado-17 coronado-18

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