About Our Denver Wedding Photography

My name is Aaron Feldman and I am the CEO / Founder of True Photography. Here is a list of what you can always expect from our studio.

  • Top level wedding photographers. It takes a perfect balance of having a creative eye, being technically precise (understanding light and composition in every condition), while also being social and friendly. We make sure the guests follow instructions in an unobtrusive way, and ensure they have a great time in the process.
  • Unparalleled service. We have a very organized system to ensure that everything from hiring our studio to receiving your images is very smooth and free of stress
  • We will enhance your images to give them the “True” style. We pay attention to each image, and have a creative enhancement team to treat the photos in a way that is timeless with that extra edge
  • Our pricing, although not the least expensive, is very competitive, and all of our clients tell us how it is worth the investment. We produce-high end quality at more of a mid range price.
  • We are all heart! Everyone at our studio truly cares about your experience, and about putting out the best product for you.
  • Because our system is streamlined, you can always expect your finished images within 21 business days.
  • Expect a call from your photographer within 24 hrs of booking to establish a nice connection
  • We guarantee our work and always walk the talk, meaning that if you are choosing to purchase an engagement shoot and if for any reason the shoot was less than perfect, we would offer you a full refund. (To date, nobody has ever asked for a refund)
  • Expect an average of 150 images photographed per hour. (There are no limitations)