A Colorful Engagement Photo Shoot at Belmont Park in Mission Beach

By, January 23, 2013

Even though Catherine and Jack live in Northern California, they came down to San Diego for their engagement shoot. This stylish couple wanted to incorporate lots of color and energy into their photos. We decided on the perfect spot – Belmont Park in Mission Beach! The plan was to get a mix of posed photos with visually interesting backgrounds, as well as cool candid shots.

At Belmont Park, we captured this couple doing what they would typically do on a date to an amusement park. We photographed them riding the carousel, going for a spin on the Tilt-A-Whirl, trying on goofy sunglasses, and shopping for neon slogan t-shirts!  According to the hand-painted sign that Jack found, it was just another day in paradise.

We love Catherine and Jack’s silly nature and their sense of style. Take a glimpse below at images from our shoot with this fun couple!

San-Diego-Beach-Engagement-Photos-Mission-Beach San-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-Beach San-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-Beach- San-Diego-Beach-Engagement-Photos-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Beach-Engagement-Photos-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-BeachBelmont-Park-Engagement-Photos-San-DiegoSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-Beach San-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-Beach San-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-BeachSan-Diego-Engagement-Photos-at-Mission-Beach

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