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Is there a particular moment at weddings that you love to photograph?

Aaron Feldman says: "My favorite part of a wedding to photograph is of the wedding couple right after the ceremony, when they're super happy and their adrenaline is flowing. I love capturing the real emotion while still stylizing the scene."

Is there a discount if we have a break or gap in the day?

We understand that during your event, there may be significant gaps in the schedule where our photography service is not required. However, the reality is that we also incur costs during downtime, while we are on standby and waiting to resume shooting. Once shooting starts, all hours are billed straight through, including obligatory downtime and/or travel.

Is it possible to see which album images the designer chose to make B/W or featured?

Definitely! Part of the design process is choosing a handful of your selected images to be featured, and to turn black and white. Typically, these decisions are made at the discretion of our designers, who understand how to tell the story of your day in a visual and creative way.

Some couples find they prefer to have an all-color album. If this is your preference, you will have this option when purchasing your album online.

You will also see the option to choose your own black and white album images, instead of having our designers make the determination.

If you decide to choose your own black and whites, this can be done by leaving notes for our designers. Just before checking out with your album purchase, when you view the album in your cart, you will see a note icon next to each album image you have selected. This is where you can leave special requests for our designers for specific images (ex: please turn this image b&w).

Finally, before your album goes to print, we will email you a preview of the final layout. That way, you have digital a sneak peek of your album, with all layouts and color / b&w selections in place :)

For more information regarding our wedding albums, and to get started on your order, please click here.

Is it important to have a two photographers/second shooter for my wedding?

Typically yes. But there are exceptions. If you look on our pricing customizer, you will see that the second photographer is priced out at a greatly reduced cost compared to the lead photographer. The reason we do this is purely with the best interest of our clients in mind. We actually don't earn any profit from our second shooters.

Even if you're the best in the world at photography, you just can't be in two places at once. There is just so much to cover at the wedding. Two photographers helps ensure full coverage and more creativity.

Here are a few examples:

Pre ceremony: One photographer can be photographing the groomsmen while the other photographs the bridesmaids. Or one can photograph the grounds while the other photographs the bridesmaids/ groomsmen.

Ceremony: While one photographer is close up, getting shots of the couple, the other can be in the back, getting overalls of the location. Or while one photographer is getting pictures of the couple, the other can get the reaction shots of the guests. It really is the other half of the story.

Formal photos: While one photographer does the formal photos, the other can cover cocktail hour and reception-area details

Reception: One photographer can capture the first dance while the other shooter is getting reaction shots. Or while one shooter is getting closeup expressions of the couple with a tight lens, the other photographer can shoot wide angle to get the overall feel of the couple in the room. Then, during dancing, one shooter can be on the dance floor while the other photographing the perimeter. That way, the guests that are equally important but may not be dancing are also covered.

There are many other examples. In a nutshell, YES, two shooters are important. It is actually a requirement when having over eighty guests.

There are exceptions to the rule. For a smaller party (60-80 or less), it is easier for one photographer to get that coverage needed. If you don't have a bridal party and cocktail hour and details of the room are not important to have covered, then one photographer can be sufficient. Or if you do have a bridal party, but are allotting more time for the solo photographer to shoot beforehand to cover both sides, that can work as well. To best determine the potential of just one photographer, it is best to discuss the details of the timeline, to ensure we are set up to successfully capture what is most important to you.

Is an hour after the ceremony long enough to take wedding couple photos, or would you suggest a longer gap between the ceremony and reception?

An organized hour should be enough. The key is to have a good plan. What we do at True Photography is make sure that our photographers know what to do before the wedding, and aren't just figuring where to shoot for the first time. We show up with a game plan. We know the type of lighting we want to achieve, and the feeling that we are trying to evoke. This allows us to be much more efficient within each hour, including the hour following the ceremony.

In order to make the post-ceremony photography as efficient as it can be, it takes cooperation. Everyone involved (i.e. your family) needs to know exactly where they need to be after the ceremony, and they should be ready to listen during those formal photos. If we have to chase after Uncle Joe for five minutes, that's five less minutes that you get for your own portraits. We suggest using this example to share with your family, so they understand the importance of being on time!

In what format are the initial proofs offered?

All images are provided as high resolution .jpg and made available by digital download (or if ordered, a Flash drive). We do not watermark the images, and you can print the images whenever you wish.

If I have credit (ex: from my True Photography Registry), can I use this toward my album?

If you have acquired credit with our studio (through our registry or other means), any amount of credit may be applied towards your album purchase, which will help offset the cost.

How will I get to know my photographer before the wedding?

It is very important to have a great connection with your photographer! We feel that the most powerful way to build that connection is during the engagement shoot. This is your chance to get acquainted with your photographer, so that by the time your wedding arrives, you are already comfortable :) The engagement shoot allows you to see how we work, how the photographer directs you, and what creative ideas they have. The photographer at your engagement shoot will be the same photographer you will have at your wedding day.

If the connection with your photographer is ever less than perfect, you are not stuck. The great part about having a group of talented photographers within our company is that we can always switch over to another of our shooters if need be. And in case any unforeseen emergency should take place with our photographers, we always have a backup photographer of equal caliber on standby. So we are prepared for all possibilities!

How soon after my wedding will I receive my pictures?

We guarantee that your pictures will be ready for viewing within 26 business days. All of the images you receive will be enhanced by our team to ensure the highest quality.

How much of a deposit is required, and when is the final balance due?

We completely understand that paying all of your vendor deposits at once can be challenging. We wanted to make it easier, so we set up three different payment plans. In addition to paying half of the contract as a deposit, couples now have the option of making monthly or quarterly payments instead. If you choose monthly payments, for example, and your wedding is one year away, we would take your total contract amount and divide it by 12 months. That way, you don't have to come up with a large deposit. If you select quarterly payments, we will divide the payments by four, and evenly spread out the balance until the wedding day. If you prefer to pay half upfront, the first payment would be made upon booking, and the final payment would be charged one week prior to the wedding date.

No matter which plan you choose, there are no fees or interest added to the plan. It is completely set up to make payments more convenient for you.

How many photographers do you work with?

We have eight equally qualified full time in-house staff photographers in our company. These individuals have been carefully chosen for their creative minds, strong technical skills, and fun personalities. Each photographer has photographed a minimum of five years as a wedding photographer. Even if they have photographed for 15 years, they must still be a second shooter in our studio for a full season.

We select photographers that are a natural fit to our brand. We all share the same vision of what it takes to produce amazing photographs that clients will love for years to come. We each make sure to capture candids, details, artistic shots, formals, and stylized images that are all truthful, and show the emotion and story of the wedding day.

How many images will result from our engagement shoot?

There are no limits to the number of photographs taken during an engagement shoot. However, our focus is much more about quality versus quantity. You can expect an average of 100-150 finished images from a one hour shoot, with the goal of capturing 10-15 absolutely amazing photos.

How many hours of photography is suggested for a wedding?

We find six hours to be the average amount of time needed to have a photographer on site. You may need more and you may need less. Typically, we arrive at a wedding about an hour and a half  prior to the start time. We don't show up at the start  of the "getting ready" process because when you're just starting out (putting deodorant on and brushing your teeth) it's not essential that this be photographed. What is important is that we get those final touches and details, such as pictures of the dress and accessories, and the girls helping put the bride's gown on.

The same holds true for the end of the evening. Fifteen minutes of dancing with two photographers photographing non-stop will look like three hours of dancing. So it is most important to think about when your last traditional event will take place. For example: the cake cutting, final speech, or bouquet toss. Then, add twenty minutes to that and you should be in great shape.

We rarely stay until the end of the wedding. Usually, the end of the evening entails a few people leaving in the dark, with a few other people waving goodbye. Your guests are partied out, a little sweaty, and maybe have had a few drinks, so the end of evening photos are not nearly as amazing as you'd think they may be.

Of course, there are exceptions to all of this. For example, if there is a big gap of time between the ceremony and reception. Or if you are having a late-night activity, such as fireworks or sparklers, etc. In these cases, it's best to discuss your timeline with our photography team, so we can create the best solution for you.

We always suggest  hiring us for the minimum amount of time that you know you'll need. That way, you're paying for the amount of time that you know you'll need. You always have the option to add on more time at the event if needed. Twenty minutes before we are scheduled to wrap up, we will come up to you to make sure that everything was covered. If we feel that there is more to photograph, we will try to get it done within that time period, or let you know if more time is necessary.

Here is an example timeline:

6hr package with wedding starting at 5:30pm

  • 4:00pm-4:30pm arrive to photograph final getting ready shots. Bride should be 90% ready with exception of dress being put on. Bridesmaids should be 100% ready
  • 4:30-5:00 photograph bridesmaids
  • 5:00-5:20 photograph groomsmen
  • 5:30-6:00 photograph ceremony
  • 6:00-7:00 cocktail hr (one photographer will head to cocktail hour and photograph the room details)
  • 6:00-6:25 photograph family (this is the most important part of the day, it is vital that all family know where to be and are present. If we are chasing after an uncle that went to cocktail hour by accident, there is a domino affect and it takes away from the couple's photos as there isn’t a lot of makeup time on the wedding day.) After the pics, the family heads to cocktail hour
  • 6:25-6:40 bridal party  (bridal party needs to stay and not head to cocktail hour until after the pictures)
  • 6:40-7:05 Pictures of the wedding couple (If more time is needed we will pull you out during salads to get a few more portraits)
  • 7:00-10:00 Photograph dances and traditional reception events

More time may be needed depending on your events taking place.

How long will you save/backup our images at your studio?

We always back up your images in storage and online for an initial 90 day period, as a courtesy. As soon as production of your images is finished, we also provide you with a digital download (or in select cases, a Flash drive), containing all image files at high resolution, without any watermark. These files have everything you need, and you are welcome to make file backups independent of our studio. We always advise our clients to keep their files in a safe, secure place, and to make backup copies, so they can easily access their images years down the road.

If you would like the additional security of a long-term offsite backup, at a secure data center, we do offer an annual archiving service. Before the images expire online, you'll be given the option of whether to extend our backup service, or rely on your own backup solution.

How long does it take after our wedding to see our photographs?

All of the wedding pictures are guaranteed to be ready for viewing within 26 business days. The images are typically posted online first, with with a private password, so you can share them with your friends and family. Next, a flash drive is prepared and sent out once your address is confirmed. The flash drive images are full resolution and non-watermarked, which will allow you to print anywhere without limitation.

How long can I keep my proof files? Do I have to return them?

You keep your proof files for life. We do not set any time limits on the images. They are yours to enjoy and share.

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

Photoshop is very important in our process, but it's just a tool to help us enhance the photographs. You have to start with a solid image. Photoshop won't make a bad picture good, but if used properly, it will help to create a more finished and polished look.

How does your photo registry work?

Our online registry is provided at no cost to our wedding clients. It is very simple to use, and lets guests contribute to the cost of our photography products and services. This helps the budget to go further :) Shortly after booking with us, we'll send you a personalized registry link that you can email, add to invites, and share with your guests.

Whenever a guest makes a contribution, they can choose how much they would like to give. After an amount is selected, the guest's credit card is charged, and they receive an automatic notification and "thank you" by email. You will also receive a confirmation each time, letting you know who contributed, and the total amount given.

Any time you receive a registry gift, the credit will go directly into your account. Your registry credit can be used towards any purchase on our online shopping cart, such as wedding album, enlargements, add-on photo shoots, or other photography services. You can check your available credit any time by logging into and clicking on "My Account" at the top of the site.

There are a few additional optional features available to you:

  • If desired, you can change the default message your guests to make it more personal, which you can do on your own.
  • You can choose a maximum dollar amount for your registry by contacting our studio. As soon as the maximum is reached, the registry is automatically closed. For example: let's say you register for $1,500 towards an album of your choice. Once your total gift contributions reach that total amount, the registry is closed. Otherwise, your registry is left open-ended :)
  • If you send us 2-3 photos of the two of you, once your registry is ready, we we will add them to your registry page.

If you are a client and for some reason don't have a registry, and would like one, please contact us. We'll get you set up!

example of wedding photography registry

How do you make the colors in your photos so vibrant?

In order to create vibrant colors, the first ingredient is photographing a scene with vibrant colors :) We then adjust each image from scratch, (also called a Raw File) and fine tune the contrast. We adjust the contrast as high as possible while maintaining detail in the darkest blacks and brightest whites. It is the full range of detail that will give a full range of color. Once a strong contrast with detail has been achieved we then may saturate the colors a bit more. We want to make sure to not abuse the tool and over saturate. Otherwise skin tones can turn orange and the scene can look to fake.

How do you get the colors in your images to be so vibrant?

When working with color, we try to achieve the largest range of color the image has to offer, from the yellows to the blues, and the reds to the greens. Our approach is to find the point where the image has the maximum amount of contrast, while still preserving the detail in the highlight (white) and in the shadows (black). It's this total range of contrast that gives the image its appeal, and what further separates a finished, professional image from a friend's snapshot.

We also listen to what the image tells us to do. As "zenlike" as that may sound, there has to be a reason for everything. Once you know the general rules, you can start breaking them, depending on the needs of the image. If an image has a vintage feel, we might fade back the colors a little bit. If the image is classic, we might turn it black and white. And if an image has a lot of pop, we'll work with it to make sure that the color is as vibrant as it can be.

Displaying 41 - 60 of 113123456