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Can we have our pictures private?

Can we have our pictures private?

There are two steps to viewing the photographs. The first step is that our photographer's favorites from your wedding are posted on our main site. This is viewable to the public as well the vendors from your wedding will have access to them. This is nice because instead of the vendors contacting you to ask for pictures (which they would) to show the details of what they do, they just get an email from us with access.

A promise that we make to all of our potential couples is that when they go onto our website, they are not just seeing our favorite weddings over the years, which can be mis-leading on what they can really expect, they are actually seeing every wedding that we have taken. So these photographer's favorite images will need to be public. Of course if a picture was posted that you really didn't like we would be happy to remove it.

The next viewing step is an online private login gallery of all of your images. These are completely private unless you decide to share the code with family or friends. This gallery is typically posted a week or so after the favorites gallery.

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