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Do you do a walkthrough or scout the location of our venue?

Do you do a walkthrough or scout the location of our venue?

Yes. We always scout a venue inside and out if the venue is new to us. If it is a location that we have photographed for years, then typically we don't need to do a walkthrough. To produce the very best results and to be most efficient we have found that it is best that we do a walkthrough on our own, versus with the clients. This allows us as photographers to focus without distraction.

As trained photographers we are looking at things from a completely different perspective. We are looking at how the light is falling in a particular area, we are looking for clean backgrounds, distractions in the background, and how we want to expose for the image. We look for little nooks and crannies that to an untrained eye may not be amazing, but behind the camera it will be.

We have found that it is most important to scout a new location on the day of the wedding. That way we can see what the light presents, as well have everything very fresh in our minds as to the best spots to photograph. We typically arrive an hour before shoot time, to allow for plenty of time to really get to know the location. Before the wedding day, we also like to go online and view photographs that have been taken in the past at the venue. We use that as inspiration and then give it our own twist.

If you are doing a walkthrough, we suggest that if you have any special locations that you want to be photographed in, that you send us an email list and we will be sure to take note. But ultimately we will make sure on our end that we know the venue blindfolded before photographing. If you can put your trust in our process, I can promise that it will produce the very best end result.

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