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Do you provide props for engagement photo shoots?

Do you provide props for engagement photo shoots?

Although staged props are popular right now, our preference is to create moments with found objects, and make use of our surroundings. For example, if we are photographing in an open field, and there are pinecones on the ground, we will get creative with the pinecones. Maybe we'll try an image of juggling the pinecones, for a fun, whimsical photo. Or we'll shoot from a low angle, so that the pinecones are sharp in the foreground, with the couple blurred off kissing in the background. These "environment props" make for spontaneous moments and stronger images because they force the photographer to be much more creative, and to approach each shoot from a new perspective.

If you are interested in bringing along a couple of props, we suggest items that have a personal meaning, and are representative of the two of you. This will ensure that your shoot is centered on your personality as a couple, and that your your images remain timeless over the years.

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