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Do your photographers have the same style?

Do your photographers have the same style?

The short answer is yes, we all share a signature style that is unique to True Photography. When you hire our studio, you are hiring a brand, and with a solid brand comes consistency and reliability in the end product. All photographers on our team produce images with a similar aesthetic, and continuously amazing results. We keep our team small and tight-knit on purpose so that our company can remain very personable, with a high caliber of work.

Our photographers have many elements in common, including:

  • They are well-balanced shooters. All of our photographers are seasoned professionals, with extensive training. Instead of having one photographer that is documentary style, one that is a portrait photographer, one that does candids, and another that has more of a fashion approach, our photographers are true specialists in all areas.
  • They each have the technical knowledge to shoot great images in any lighting condition. We always work with the natural light that exists so that the images look true to life. However, there are situations where light must be created to produce the most dynamic and flattering image. Our photographers know how to use natural light to its best advantage, and when to use expert techniques for creating light when circumstances demand it.
  • Each person has that indescribable "it factor" that makes them a unique and exciting individual, in addition to a talented photographer.
  • Everyone on our team has a great, fun personality. We are unobtrusive throughout the event, and vocal when it is time to give direction. We make the photography an enjoyable and memorable part of the event for the guests and couple.

We have incredibly high standards when it comes to our photographers. It takes a very special and talented person to be a True Photographer :) The consistency that you see is the result of a team effort and a lot of work!

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