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Should I do photos with my Fiancé before the wedding?

During a well-orchestrated wedding, a lot must happen in a relatively short period of time. One question that often comes up  is whether the wedding photos should be taken at a “First Look” set up by the photographer before the ceremony, or immediately after walking down the aisle at the ceremony’s conclusion. Though there are pros and cons to consider with each option, we typically suggest staying traditional, and taking photos directly after the ceremony. That way, you have the opportunity to be photographed as a brand new married couple, while you are walking on air and and exploding with happiness and love.

Some of our clients’ favorite images show the moments and reactions right after their lives have officially joined. Stepping away after the ceremony allows you to let loose, laugh, share your love, and enjoy the time together. It’s a great time to capture this energy and emotion on camera. If it’s the cocktail hour you’re worried about missing, remember why the cocktail hour was invented⏤ to keep the guests entertained while you enjoy your first hour alone together!

Here are a few images of our clients Janie and David after their ceremony at a private residence in Napa, CA.

“I had imagined the first moment I would see Janie on our wedding day, walking down the isle towards me. Being alone together right after was one of the best parts of the day and True captured it just as I remember. We couldn’t stop smiling.”  — David (Groom)

Although taking pictures after the ceremony is ideal, we are happy to do the shoot beforehand if timing is an issue. For example, here’s an awesome sequence of Nazila and James, just before their Vancouver nuptials. They opted for a “First Look” session because they wanted fun daytime photos,which wouldn’t have worked after their evening ceremony. Though nerves typically  play a role with every wedding couple on their big day, Nazila and James were as cool as cucumbers. These two had no problem pulling this off! They were still energetic, excited and all smiles at the ceremony!

“We were able to have a blast before the ceremony, and kick off the celebration by ourselves, before any of our guests saw us.  Aaron also took some unreal daytime photos of us that just wouldn’t have been the same at night.”  — Nazila (Bride)

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