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Tidal Wedding Films

Tidal Wedding Films

We understand that photography and video often get paired together, as they are both visual mediums. We have always had the philosophy that it is best to specialize and master one specific craft. By focusing our energy on photography, we have been able to produce top level images to our clients. Having said that, we also understand the convenience of booking both photography and video at the same time. So, our studio has found the perfect solution, and now offer video in a unique fashion. 

In order to better serve our clients, we have collaborated with Tidal Wedding Films who like our studio as few hand-picked video teams that have always done an amazing job. They know how we work and we know how they work, ensuring everything is streamlined and smooth. You are now able to contract the videography straight through our studio, and all under one contract and bill. As a result you get the benefits of two vendors who specialize in their craft,  while having the convenience and savings of booking them together. 

What's Included?

Included in the video packages are two high-definition cameras (same hours as photography), a 3-6 minute Produced Highlights Video, and all un-produced coverage from throughout the wedding day. That way if you are wanting to watch your entire ceremony uncut or speech, you can. The Highlights Video is the perfect length for frequent rewatching and social sharing, and the additional coverage gives you all of the footage from throughout the day for your archives.

Typically the videographers will stay for the same amount of time as the photographers at the event. The video is ready within 30 business days to share with family and friends :)


Videographer: DUSTIN 





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