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What is Premium Post-Production?

What is Premium Post-Production?

Premium Post-Production involves adjusting each individual image to bring out the best contrast and style. This process starts with a nice, well-composed image. We then take that nice image and give it a little oomph, which creates the finished look. We work with each image by hand to bring out the brightest whites, the darkest blacks, and a full spectrum of color. We use our process to bring out the best potential and visual direction for each image. We also retouch the image as needed, for example removing a blemish, or slightly thinning out arms or legs. All retouching is done at the discretion of our studio.

Because of the sheer volume of images you receive, and the time intensity, we reserve Premium Post-Production for the absolute favorite images, such as our Photographers Favorites, and pictures selected for albums or fine art prints. Should you request additional retouching, or have specific requests above and beyond our normal process, we are happy to perform this service at a reasonable per-image or hourly rate.

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