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Will you photograph the rehearsal dinner?

Will you photograph the rehearsal?

We have been photographing for many years and always go through the wedding timeline about one month before the big day :) The rehearsal's intention is to ensure that the bridal party, couple and family know when and where they are to walk down the aisle. As photographers, we will be in position and will be ready to capture the event as in unfolds. As for photo opportunities, we suggest saving the ceremony pictures for the actual wedding day.

Many couple's will have a rehearsal dinner afterwards, which we are more than happy to photograph. It is a nice opportunity to capture really fun images, as well as a great way to get to know the entire family better before the wedding day. The rehearsal dinner rate is counted as regular booking time, and there is a two hour minimum. If you are wanting coverage of the rehearsal dinner, we suggest you add the number of hours needed for the dinner to the total wedding day hours when booking us online at this link.

When you book us for a rehearsal dinner shoot, we guarantee that it will be photographed by one of our True photographers on our team. Also, whenever possible, we try to have your wedding day photographer be your rehearsal dinner photographer, depending on availability.

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