10 More Reasons To Love Your Wedding Party

By, April 19, 2012

We have photographed so many fun and supportive bridesmaids and groomsmen. In our last post, we shared our top 10 reasons to love your wedding party. We thought we’d bring you 10 more examples of why having a wedding party is so beneficial on your big day!

#11   They’ve always got your back.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Bridal Pary has your back at San Diego wedding

#12   They wont leave you out in the rain.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Rainy day wedding in San Diego  with umbrellas

#13   They’ll line up just to shake your hand.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Wedding party during the grand entrance of the bride and groom

#14   They’ll be there to lift you up.

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Jewish wedding at the US Grant on the dancefloor

#15   They’ll hold your hand.

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Bride and groom on the beach during wedding at the Hotel Del Coronado

#16   They help lighten the mood.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Wedding party spelling LOVE with sparklers during wedding at night

#17   They’re always looking out for you.

San Diego Weddng Photographer: Wedding Party looking out window during bride and groom's "First Look"

#18   They raise the bar for you.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Beach wedding on the sand with bride and groom doing the limbo

#19   They’ll keep you calm and relaxed.

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Groomsmen relaxing during wedding in San Diego

#20   They’ll tell you to “break a leg”, and then when you do, they’ll be there to push you through.

San Diego Wedding Photography: Bridal Party tells you to break a leg at San Diego wedding

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