Candid Emotion | Photo of the Week

By, April 15, 2016

There are many benefits to having two photographers at your wedding. One of the biggest advantages is having the same moment documented from multiple perspectives. For example, at Susan and JR’s wedding at Grand Tradition, all eyes were fixed on Susan as she entered the ceremony site. However, because we had two photographers in action, we were also able to capture JR’s priceless reaction. It’s fleeting, personal moments like this that we feel tell the *true* story of the wedding day, which is why it is our Photo of the Week.

Groom Cries After Seeing Bride

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Falling in Love All Over Again

By, March 18, 2016

In this Photo of The Week, taken at Green Gables Wedding Estate, the look on our groom Gavin’s face says it all. When he saw his bride Gheraldine for the first time that day, as she came down the aisle, he was completely captivated. It was like love at first sight.. all over again.

The image below is a prime example of the benefit of having multiple photographers. The first and second photographers work together in synchronicity, sometimes almost telepathically. In this instance, while all eyes were on the breathtaking bride, we were also able to capture her groom’s reaction simultaneously. It was a result of “true” teamwork :)

Groom sees bride for first time at Green Gables Wedding Estate and gets emotional

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‘True’ Moments – Emotional Wedding Photos

By, March 24, 2015

During the wedding day, any given second might result in sidesplitting laughter, uncontainable excitement, or overwhelming affection. Fortunately, our photographers are quite skilled at anticipating these moments, and always manage to be there at the right time. We make sure that these instantaneous bursts of love and joy are captured forever :)

Grab a tissue for this set of emotional photos, preserved so they can be treasured for a lifetime.

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