Pre-Game Wedding Warm Up | A Destination Wedding in Connecticut | July 5, 2013

By, July 05, 2013

Your gym coach always told you to warm up before the big game, so why should the big day be any different? As members of the wedding party, groomsmen are responsible for staying energetic and committed throughout the wedding festivities. Our groom Karl wanted his groomsmen to stay lively and alert, so he led his team through calisthenics. The exercise activities included stretching, reaching, and synchronized counting.

To our knowledge, the workout was a success. The result was a cohesive group, ready to bring their “a-game” to the day ahead. And no injuries were reported at the end of the night!

We hope you enjoy this awesome Photo of the Week from Karl and Annie’s Connecticut wedding.


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Funny Groomsmen Photo | Wedding at The Lodge at Torrey Pines | February 1, 2013

By, February 01, 2013

It’s Friday and we feel like laughing! For our photo of the week, we chose this hilarious photo from Maureen and Jon’s wedding day. It shows that in the final hours before the wedding, even the calmest grooms can get overwhelmed.

While the ladies were back in the bridal suite preparing for the wedding at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, the guys were also taking care of a little “business” in the park.

Just kidding! Even though everyone did a great job selling the shot, it was all an act.


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