Cuvier Park | Shannon and Richard | April 2010

By, June 30, 2010

Photography By: True Photography
Coordinator: Ever After Events
Venue: Mission Beach Women’s Club

(From our Bride, Shannon)

Richard and I met through the church we attended – The Rock.  I was running a online ministry there and I stumbled across his profile on one of the social media sites.  I thought immediately he would be perfect for this – it wasn’t til later did I discover he was perfect for me!  Richard didn’t respond right away as I had hoped.  You see, he had prayed to keep women away from him so that he can concentrate on his relationship with God and here comes this striking (yes, I am humble- hehe) woman nudging him towards friendship.  Richard didn’t take too long to complete a background check on me before deciding I wasn’t a she-devil, so it was ok to respond.  We finally connected and realized we were after the same goals in life.  Although this started out as something completely platonic, it would eventually evolve into a love we have never experienced before.  We knew this was a God thing and from then on, our journey began as a couple…..for the rest of our lives.

We had actually picked a photographer prior to meeting Aaron and his awesome team.  There were some things in our contract with the previous photographer that we wanted changed.  After waiting on a response that never came and sending multiple emails/calls to get an answer, we decided to continue our search.  Interesting enough, it wasn’t til weeks later did I get a call asking me if I was going to sign the contract, completely disregarding my concerns and questions.  By that time, we thought, if we are already having hiccups in the beginning stages, there was no way we can trust that things would run smoothly going forward.

Finding a good photographer was easy – No, not really!  There are so many things to consider when making a decision.  Who do we trust to capture our special day???  It was either the photographer who took really great images but his personality was less to be desired attached with a hefty price tag OR there was the photographer who was really nice but the only fantastic shots was the ones on his site.  Finding the right match was no small feat.

Thumbing through multiple bridal books, I noticed some really extraordinary shots taken by True Photography.  Rich and I visited their website and saw photos that really caught our attention. We decided to book our appointment.  From start to finish, the level of service that was extended to us should have costed us a small fortune.  True Photography is team of talent who are flexible, accommodating, friendly, prompt, affordable, without compromising a bit of quality when it comes to your package. You know you are dealing with professionals the moment you speak with them.

Rich and I are so pleased with our photos that Bob and Eddie took!  Our friends and family, including our vendors have raved over our day and how this team captured the details of it all.  Our images told a story and you almost feel like you’ve entered into a dream.  Perusing through our photographs, we could not believe the moments that were caught!  I remember them vividly and never did I recall a photographer nearby with a camera in the way!  We love going back to our photos because it really brings us back to such an incredible happy day that never fails to bring smiles to our faces.

We are the proud owners of the most amazing wedding book we’ve ever seen and we are thrilled we didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to receive this incredible wedding package!  Thanks for making our low budget wedding look like a million bucks!

~The Happy Higgins~ :)


10 Trends in Engagement Photography

By, April 28, 2010

It is time for engagement shoots!  Here are the top ten trends this year:

1. Bring a very simple prop that will add interest to the photograph.

2. Night shots require more skill but can really have a nice change of mood lighting.

3. Vibrant colors and graphic lines.

4. Do shoot-throughs. This is having a strong forground, middle and background.

5. Incorporating nature.

6. Long exposures create nice movement.

7. Showing that you have fun together, shows how much you love each other.

8. Don’t forget to smile :) It is great to get the serious stylized shots but a good smile will create a fun memory.

9. Photograph an activity that you enjoy doing together.

10. It is nice to have a change of clothes for a different look.