Ultimate Skybox

By, December 23, 2017

Highlights of The Ultimate Skybox

Located high above the city on the top floor of East Village’s DiamondView Tower, the Ultimate Skybox (aka the Skybox at DiamondView Tower) is a stunning showcase for some of San Diego’s most breathtaking views. Overlooking Petco Park, the venue sits in the heart of Downtown, within walking distance to many of the area’s popular destinations. When planning your Ultimate Skybox wedding, we suggest reserving time for portraits during the wedding day. This way, we can take incorporate a blend of city and nature landscapes by visiting the Gaslamp District, or cross the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge for waterfront views of the San Diego Bay.

As the day transitions to night, guests can party late into the evening while admiring the venue’s mesmerizing 180-degree view of the glowing Downtown cityscape. The venue’s diverse range of unforgettable views, Metropolitan aesthetic, and proximity to the water make it a fun, unique location for any modern downtown wedding.

Night photo of bride and groom overlooking Petco Park and kissing
Known for its iconic view of Petco Park, the rooftop at the Ultimate Skybox is an intimate location that offers a wide variety of possibilities.
Bride and Groom on rooftop during sunset at the ultimate skybox
For a completely different look, we took Justine and Danny out during sunset to capture the beautiful city, and Point Loma in the distance.
Night portrait of bride and groom looking out over city during wedding reception
Facing north provides a view of the Skybox itself.
Solo portrait of bride and groom alone at the Ultimate Skybox
When photographing, we love utilizing the modern design of the Skybox and often look for ways to incorporate the building itself into images.
Black and white portrait of wedding couple with bridal party in lobby of ultimate skybox
Portrait of wedding couples outside lobby of ultimate skybox in downtown
The building's exterior also offers a dramatic option for photos. For the images above, we used the same location but created two completely different looks by switching focal lengths and shifting our angle.
Stylish black and white portrait of groomsmen walking in garage at the Ultimate Skybox in Downtown
Even on a rainy day, the Skybox has a number of locations to get creative with.
Aerial photo of Petco Park and Downtown San Diego
From the park, we like to head over to Petco Park on days without games. Within walking distance, the park provides lots of natural foliage as a contrast to the Downtown urban landscape in addition to an up close and personal view of Petco.
Bride and groom pretend to play baseball outside field at petco park
Bride and groom surrounded by flowers at Petco Park
Wedding couple pose with bridal party under brick opening at petco park
For a classic dose of San Diego culture, Petco Park is a great location for incorporating your love of the Padres and Downtown. The park within the park also includes a a mix of local restaurants and bars with a cross between modern and classic architecture.
Bride and Groom against wood wall at Petco park
From the park, the streets surrounding the Ultimate Skybox offer a diverse range of colorful backgrounds with a metropolitan feel.
Groom picks up and kisses bride in middle of street by dances in downtown san diego
Wedding couples with modern architecture in downtown san diego
Bride and groom sit laughing on balcony at bar
While walking, we always keep our eyes out for new locations to add a more candid, casual look to things.
Bride and groom embracing in front of grey wall with veil blowing in wind on wedding day
Portrait of bride and groom on their wedding day in downtown san diego
Wide angle photo of two brides embracing on bridge in downtown
Bride kissing groom outside wall at Luce Loft in Downtown San Diego
Individual photo of bride and groom alone on wedding day
With so much condensed into the area, Downtown provides an eclectic mix of classic and modern backdrops for different looks and styles.
Wedding couple with bridal party at sempra energy building
Wedding couple with their bridal party stand outside red doors at fire station in downtown
Bride and Groom kiss in carriage under gaslamp sign in downtown
Just around the corner from the Ultimate Skybox is the iconic Gaslamp Quarter sign and nearby Hilton Gaslamp.
Fun bridal party cheering at the Hilton
Wide angle photo of bride and groom kissing on bridge at hotel
Bride holds onto Groom in front of petco park at harbor street bridge
Wedding couple with bridal party under arches at the convention center
The nearby sculptures at the Convention Center also provide lots of open space and fun, natural props.
The Skybox's proximity to the water also makes it a great location for couples looking for a balance of city and waterfront views.
Bride and bridesmaid overlook balcony and cheer at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Exterior photo of wedding reception at the Ultimate Skybox
At night, the Skybox provides a completely different look with new colors and energy.
Night photo of bride and groom on balcony of Ultimate Skybox
Beyond the city lights, the rooftop's balcony features a fireplace which acts asu00a0a fun prop with multiple ways of photographing creatively.
Bride and Groom kiss under fireplace at the Ultimate Skybox
Stylized night portraits of wedding couple at Petco Park in San Diego
Night photo of Bride and Groom walking in rain with umbrella in downtown
Candid portrait of bride and groom with cotton candy
Bride and groom kiss on pedestrian bridge next to petco park
Environmental portrait of bride and groom kissing on stairs at modern library in downtown
same sex wedding couple hold hands and walk on grass at Petco Park
Stylized portrait of bride and groom kissing by blue door in downtown
Outdoor roof ceremony at the Ultimate Skybox

The Ultimate Skybox Wedding Photography

As preferred photographers of The Ultimate Skybox, we photograph weddings here frequently :) If you are considering a wedding at this venue, we are happy to talk over specific photography questions. We also suggest checking out more of our Ultimate Skybox wedding photos.


Bridge Walk to Petco Park Engagement Shoot

By, December 15, 2014

A relatively recent San Diego-area landmark (constructed in 2011), The Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge was created to guide pedestrians safely to and from the downtown baseball stadium. Because of its minimalist design, lighting, and stainless steel features, the bridge makes a great photo setting. When photographing engagement shoots downtown near the water, we suggest making the bridge a stopping point along the way. It is close to many other downtown San Diego backdrops, and brings a nice urban feel to the photos. If you’d like to visit the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge, you’ll find it across Harbor Drive at Park Boulevard.

To arrange a Downtown San Diego engagement shoot, please feel free to contact us. Here are examples of recent engagement photos we captured on this bridge:engaged couple on Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge photo of hands on Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge photo of couple on stairs at Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge engagement shoot of couple sitting at Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge stairs photo shoot


Stylish and Sophisticated Engagement Photo Shoot in Downtown San Diego

By, March 20, 2012

We had a lot of fun with this stylish couple on their downtown San Diego engagement shoot. Typically, when our brides and grooms ask about what to wear during an engagement photo shoot, we suggest a casual ensemble in addition to a fancy, “date night” outfit. But since Chris wears a three-piece suit nearly every day, and Julie is most comfortable in heels, they ditched the casual attire and dressed to impress! 

Chris and Julie met while working at the Andaz Hotel (formerly the Ivy) in downtown San Diego. We thought we’d photograph the happy couple at the place where it all started! We headed down to the hotel on F and 7th, where we photographed them in the glamorous lobby, and on the rooftop pool deck at night! We then hit up the Omni Hotel, where we captured a few fun photos on the bridge that connects the hotel to Petco Park. We also made sure to get a nighttime kissing photo underneath the Gaslamp sign, which was a special request from the groom-to-be! 

We had had a blast with Julie and Chris, and we can’t wait to photograph their wedding at the Bahia Resort this fall!  Make sure to scroll down to take a look at some of the photos we captured during this engagement shoot, and don’t forget to leave us a nice little comment below!

San Diego Wedding Photography: Engagement photo shoot at the Andaz Hotel in downtown San DiegoSan Diego Wedding Photography: Engagement Photos in front of brick wall in Downtown San Diego San Diego Wedding Photography: Engagement Photos in front of brick wall in Downtown San Diego

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