Stylish Little Italy Engagement | Stephanie and Omar

By, November 01, 2017

Stephanie and Omar met at a college beach party one summer when they were both designated drivers for friends. Omar says he fell in love with Stephanie’s calm, easy-going spirit and ability to make anyone feel at home. The two now live in Little Italy, which is where they requested to do their fun, stylish engagement session. The couple booked a 2-hour session, which enabled us to capture the neighborhood during both day and night conditions. 

After talking with Stephanie and Omar about their favorite spots, we decided to photograph at the Waterfront Park, Broadway Pier and Little Italy. This enabled the couple to stay close to home, and be photographed in locations with personal significance. It also created a nice balance of cityscapes and nature views.

Here is a selection of our favorite images from this fun and stylish engagement session in Little Italy. Enjoy :)

Future bride and groom holding hands during stylish engagement session in Downtown Waterfront Park
In addition to poses that were fun, laid back and playful, we set up shots that were more stylized, and gave character to the stunning architecture/scenery.
Future bride and groom on jungle gym during fun engagement session at Waterfront Park
Night engagement session at Broadway Pier with USS Midway in Background
Future Bride and Groom walk in front of Downtown skyline during fun engagement session in Little Italy
. While Waterfront Park is known for its playground and nearby Courthouse, it also offers stunning views of the Downtown landscape.
Future bride and groom embrace during fun, stylish engagement session at park
Fun engagement session with future bride and groom playing around at Waterfront Park
Night photo of future bride and groom in red chair by Little Italy sign
Stylish sunset engagement session in Downtown Waterfront Park
Future bride and groom slip down slide during fun engagement session at Waterfront Park
Romantic sunset engagement session in downtown
As the sun began to set, we wanted to capture the vibrance of the shifting colors in the sky. For the shot above (right), we exposed for the background, thenu00a0used an off-camera flash to illuminate the couple.
Future bride and groom kiss under Little Italy sign during engagement session

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Del Mar Engagement Session | Chelsea and Brandon

By, April 28, 2016

It sounds counter-intuitive, but bad weather conditions often make for the most amazing images. For example, at Chelsea and Brandon’s beach engagement session in Del Mar, the storm clouds were looming, and the sky looked menacing. However, by adding a warm blanket, some champagne, and an adorable dog named Jeter, the clouds were barely noticeable :)

We give props to Chelsea and Brandon for making the most of an overcast beach day. It was a really fun engagement photo shoot, and we are looking forward to their wedding later this year at Luce Loft. Hmm, we kind of hope Jeter will be there!

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Italian Romance | Balboa Park Engagement Session

By, October 07, 2015

There are some things in life that you just can’t plan for. As Eric was receiving his Bachelors from the University of Florida, Christina was returning from her deployment in Afghanistan. Each decided their next step was to pursue their dream of attending law school. Coincidentally, they both chose the same university in California, and ended up having every single class together. On top of that, their lockers happened to be right next to each other. Fate was not subtle in matching these two together!

During the first few days of school, Eric strategically sat next to Christina, so he could strike up a conversation. In less than a week, they were in line at the campus bookstore, where they started to talk. They became instant friends. By the time Eric invited Christina out for the evening, there was no question that they would hit it off. In fact, the pair danced until two in the morning. Says Christina: “We had so much fun, and have been inseparable ever since.”

Because Eric and Christina are both proud Italian-American, they decided they wanted an Italia-themed, family inspired wedding. “My grandparents, who were Italian, helped raise me and passed away a few years ago,” says Christina. “I want to honor them and all they sacrificed for me, by celebrating the beautiful heritage that they passed on to me.”

In anticipation of the upcoming event, we went to Balboa Park for a fun and sophisticated engagement photo shoot. Congratulations to this lovely couple, and viva l’Italia!