Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

By, December 17, 2017

Highlights of The Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

The Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina is nestled between Downtown San Diego, Seaport Village and San Diego Bay. The Marriott itself is a tropical inspired venue, landscaped with palm trees, ferns and waterfalls, against the backdrop of an urban jungle. Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina combines luxury and modern elegance with professional hosts and excellent services. The chic interior design combined with the proximity of the outdoor landmarks will leave no shortage of interesting settings for portraits.

Bride and groom holding hands
Newlyweds touch foreheads
Bride and groom on roof
By moving closer to the edge of the rooftop, the trees and the pool of the Children's Garden are revealed, adding more to visual elements.
Bride looking out of large window
Lined with grand windows, the lobby is has a sophisticated feel. We made sure to showcase nice detail of the outside skyline/palms of downtown San Diego, as well indoors of Emilee as she admired the view.
Newlyweds sit seperately
On level 1 of the South Tower, is a snazzy lounge area. We used the area to shoot wide, allowing separation between the couple for a stylish portrait of the two of them in this image.
Groom downtown
Upon the entrance of the party tent, The Coronado Terrace gives access to a rooftop, which we used to isolate the the city buildings neighboringu00a0the Gaslamp Quarter and cloudy skies for a more urban feel.
Groom getting his jacket fixed
Along the parking lot entrance is a wall garnished with vines. We cropped for plenty of head room so show the grandness of the wall and the diamond design trimmed into the vines.
Groomsmen on cloudy day
The Coronado Terrace possess little traffic for distraction free backgrounds, big sky views and features beautiful reflections along the spectacular structure of the Marriott's south tower.
Bridal party wearing cobalt dress
By continuing up the path from the diamond vine wall to the side of the Convention Center, we reached a window to gather Aileen and Jerry with their wedding party.
Bride and groom in front of waterfall
Rather than showing off the cool architecture, in this image we used a long lens to soften the background. Our goal was showcase the couple in a more natural environment.
Newlyweds touch noses
The walls of the fitness center are made of a back lit, frost like glass giving evidence of activity behind them with contrast to the focus on what lies in front of the walls. We placed Marion and Geno in front of the walls to give the feeling that they are in a world of their own where time stands still.
Large group of groomsmen
With this large group of groomsmen, we used the broad windows and wide space that the North Tower offers.
Grooms laughing
Bridal party on escalator
Bride in groom in front of modern art
Groomsmen in front of painting
Bridesmaids wearing coral dress
We continued on in the lounge area for this bridal party of 19, using the furniture to stagger the height of the couples.
Groomsmen's lounge
Newlyweds being silly with their bridal party
groomsmen lounging
We used the awning of the entryway for the Coronado Terrace to hang the brides dress against the reflection of cloudy skies.
Neutral colors and modern elements play a theme throughout the interior of the hotel. We placed the happy couple in the lobby elevator of the South Tower and captured the moment as the doors were closing. We highlighted the groom with a solo portrait in front of the wall of lights that lead to the elevator.
The stairways, accessed in between the two towers, have a clean, high key design and are almost monochromatic.u00a0(image left) u00a0The stairs are also brightly lit, as they are directly against floor to ceiling windows. Just before entering the lobby doors, to the left is a shell colored, textured tile wall that contrasts the the black reflective pathway it stands on.
Grooms look each other in the eye
Couple hugging
Women looking at fiance
A group of Groomsmen downtown
Peek at hugging couple
Groomsmen with gray suits and blue ties.
Bride and groom enjoy a sweet treat
Portrait of bride and groom
Couple kisses in on bay
Newlyweds in marina
Newlyweds next to blue door
Engaged couple looking across bay.
We used one of the spotting scopes stationed along the walking path to create a story with Yvette and Daniel's engagement session.c
Engagement session in park
Groom dipping bride downtown
Newlyweds lead their bridal party downtown.
Groom and groomsmen wearing black suits with white ties.
Groom and groomsmen wear black and white
Engagement pictures on train tracks.
Happy newlyweds downtown at night.
Bride and groom kiss at night
Bride and groom kiss on bay
Seaport Village is just a stones throw from the hotel and can be accessed by exiting through the back property.
Bridal party have fun on carrousel
Settled in the north point of Seaport Village's shops is Looff Carousel, where we like to show a our subjects a good time, with our camera's ready to catch the action of course.
Couple standing on footbridge.
The Harbor House, a restaurant off of Kettner blvd., that sits upon a pond with a rustic footbridge. We photographed wide for this environment to create an image that appears to be a world away from the bay that is just on the other side.
Bride and groom eat sweets
We like to incorporate a couple's interests into their photos, so the Fudge Factory is the perfect place to lead a couple with a sweet tooth and adds vibrant color to their portfolio.
Couple holding hands on docks
The Tuna Harbor Dockside Market plays host to lobster cages. We love the idea of using this achieve an background that is different and interesting.
For Ruby and Shaun, we placed them so they are surrounded by the graphic pattern created by the steps of the Convention Center's north building.
Engaged couple holding hands
Downtown is less than a hop, skip and jump away, offering an urban balance to the waterfront environment.
Downtown San Diego Engagement
Engagement portrait in garden
For a lush green setting, such as in Hannah and Wesley's engagement photos, there is a community garden along the trolley tracks, just past Front Street.
Bride and groom at trolley station with their bridal party
The Gaslamp Quarter and Convention Center Trolley stations are also a short distance from the hotel if you choose to venture out a little further.

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Wedding Photography

As preferred photographers of the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, we photograph weddings here frequently :) If you are considering a wedding at this venue, we are happy to talk over specific photography questions. We also suggest checking out more of our The Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina wedding photos.


Grand Tradition

By, December 19, 2017

Highlights of Grand Tradition

One of our favorite spots just outside San Diego is the all-inclusive Grand Tradition. We have photographed many weddings at Grand Tradition over the years, and have likely covered every corner :) Located in Fallbrook, CA, the property’s 30 acres of rolling green hills and tropical gardens has something for everyone, including two main venue options onsite. Here are examples of each:

Arbor Terrace

For those seeking a more laid-back, paradise vibe to their day, we recommend the property’s Arbor Terrace and Pavilion. Inspired by the aesthetics of Hana, Hawaii, the Terrace is set against a gorgeous waterfall backdrop, and decorated with paths covered in beautiful flowers. The Pavilion, where receptions are held, offers features such as the Hospitality Fountain, which is great for photos. There is also a cozy outdoor fireplace, which is a nice comfortable spot to enjoy a relaxing moment with guests.

Bride and groom enjoy the flowers
Groom embraces Bride for a kiss in jungle environment
Colorful wedding Ceremony at Arbor Terrace
Couples tying the knot at the Arbor Terrace have the option of exchanging vows in front of the property's main waterfall feature
Arbor terrace ceremony site surrounded by lush garden
Bride and groom kiss at end of aisle after wedding ceremony
Bride and groom surrounded by waterfalls and greenery
Grooms picks up his bride in front of waterfalls
Come nightfall, the waterfalls at Arbor Terrace take on a different appearance once illuminated by the area's uplighting.
A romantic kiss on the bridge with the bride and groom
Bridal party on the bridge at Grand Tradition
During Tracy and Ryan's wedding, we wanted to showcase the abundance of greenery surrounding the couple and their bridal party. By placing everyone on a bridge across the waterfall and using a telephoto lens, we were able to zoom in on the bridal party while also showing the expanse of space.
Bride and groom on a verandah surrounded by foliage
Groomsmen pick up the groom for a fun groomsmen shot
The various bridges around Arbor Terrace not only offer great views of the site's multiple ponds and waterfalls but also serve as a unique prop. For Naomi and Luke's wedding (above), we let the guys have a little bit of fun pretending to throw Luke overboard for a hilarious, candid shot.
Wedding dress hung in bamboo to feature the dress
While navigating the many winding paths at Arbor Terrace, couples can get lost in their own private jungle along the way.
A tender moment between the Bride and groom
Following Silvia and Edwin's wedding ceremony, we wanted to capture the warm glow of Sunset coming in through the trees during Golden Hour. By placing the Bride and Groom in the midst of everything and using a zoom lens, we were able to focus on the intimacy of their embrace and create a romantic feeling.
Bride and groom pose by a fountain at arbor terrace
Heading back to the wedding reception, we like to take couples by the Hospitality Fountain which can be used in a variety of creative ways.
Creative portrait of wedding couple kissing by fountain
With Jaclyn and Charlie, we had the couple sit on a bench in front of the fountain while photographing from behind. Shooting through the cascading water we were able to capture a creative bokeh effect and add to the emotion of the moment.
Bride and Groom embrace by water fountain at Grand Tradition
Rain shot in the gardens of Arbor Terrace
Bride and groom pose in front of lush tropical trees
Bride and groom explore grand tradtion at night
Colorful outdoor tented wedding reception
Once ready to party the night away, guests will be invited to the tented reception at the Pavilion.
Arbor Terrace set up for a beautiful reception
Bride and groom enjoy their first dance
Fun candid photo of guests dancing during wedding reception
Evening shot by the fireplace with the Bride and Groom
Directly behind the pavilion's tented reception lies an intimate brick fireplace where guests can relax and chat throughout the night.
Romantic night shot by the fireplace
Bride and groom pose for a beautiful evening rain shot
Creative long exposure night photo with the wedding couple and bridal party

Beverly Mansion

If your style is a bit more traditional and classical, our suggestion is the Beverly Mansion, a classic Victorian estate that overlooks the property’s idyllic heart-shaped lake. Ceremonies at the Beverly Mansion are held outdoors by the gazebo, where couples have the option of being brought out by horse and carriage. It definitely has a storybook feel!

After exchanging vows, guests can dance the night away under massive Swarovski crystal chandeliers. And to end the evening, nothing beats a fun and impressive sparkler grand exit, which is sure to leave your guests in awe :)

Bride and Groom hold hands and kiss during sunset outside the grand tradition
The lawn behind the Beverly Mansion is a great way to feature both the mansion as well as a stunning sunset.
Groom and Bride embrace by wall at the Beverly Mansion
Groom kisses Bride on cheek while standing on stairs at Beverly Mansion
With so many nooks and crannies, we love finding new ways to highlight the classical architecture of the mansion into photos.
Fun portrait of Bride with Bridesmaids at Beverly Mansion
Bride and groom pose for a photo in the lattice garden
In this photo, we adjusted our lens towards the roof to accentuate the leading lines and draw your eye towards Gina and Brandon for a creative, stylized portrait.
Beverly Mansion is one of the locations private events are held
Bride with Bridesmaids getting ready for wedding ceremony
The bridal suite at Beverly Mansion continues the venue's overall Victorian aesthetic with regal furniture and intricate windows.
Bride getting ready at the Grand Tradition
Bridesmaids help the bride get ready in her suite
Groom plays pool in his suite
The groom's suite offers the guys a moment to kick back and relax before the ceremony with a good ol' fashioned game of pool.
Ceremony by the water in the fall
One of the mansions most unique features is the horse-drawn carriage that couples can be transported in during their outdoor wedding ceremony, overlooking the property's serene heart-shaped lake.
Outdoor wedding ceremony by pond
Bride rides with father in horse drawn carriage before wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom kiss in aisle after wedding ceremony concludes
Bride and Groom pose with two white horses and carriage before wedding ceremony
Wedding couples tying the knot at the Grand Tradition
Bride and groom kiss by the carriage
For a creative angle, we placed the carriage in our foreground and posed the bride and groom in the center as they leaned in for a kiss. To add an extra flair, we placed our flash just above the couple's shoulders to create a starburst effect.
Creative back-lit portrait of Bride and Groom embracing in garden
Solo portrait of Bride and Groom by themselves
Groom embraces bride while standing on bridge next to pond at Grand Tradition
Just beyond the Beverly Mansion is the venue's picturesque heart-shaped pond which overlooks the ceremony site.
Bride and groom pose on a bridge at Grand Tradition
Bridal party fun shot
Photographing across the pond from the gazebo provides a more wide angle perspective of the water that features the waterfall and garden in the background.
Romantic portrait of bride and groom kissing by pond
Bride and groom walking by a field
Just feet away from the Beverly Mansion is the Compass Garden which can be used to host cocktail hours or wedding ceremonies, as well as being a beautiful background for portraits.
Cocktail Hour at Compass Garden
Wedding couple with bridal party at Compass Garde
Bride and groom pose at the bar
Conveniently located between the Beverly Mansion and Arbor Terrace, the Compass Garden offers a variety of textured doors and backgrounds to offset the rest of the property's tropical and classic aesthetic.
Bride an groom pose along a wooden gate
Bride and Groom kiss by metal gate during sunset
Exterior portrait of Beverly Mansion at Sunset
As night approaches, the lights of the Beverly Mansion illuminate the sky, and add a beautiful glow to balance the evening sunset.
Night photo of Bride and Groom kissing by Fountain
We love taking couples around the mansion at night for a different look that what the daytime provides.
Creative night portrait of bride and groom embracing and overlooking pond at Beverly Mansion
Bride and groom pose for an evening shot
Bride and Groom cheer during Grand sparkler exit after their reception
Grand Tradition is also one of the few venues in San Diego that allows couples the option of a Sparkler Grand Exit to wrap up their day of celebration.

Grand Tradition Wedding Photography

As preferred photographers of Grand Tradition, we photograph weddings here frequently :) If you are considering a wedding at this venue, we are happy to talk over specific photography questions. We also suggest checking out more of our Grand Tradition wedding photos.


Mt. Woodson Castle

By, December 21, 2017

Highlights of Mt. Woodson Castle

Nestled in the rolling hills of Ramona, and surrounded by giant oaks, Mt. Woodson Castle is a truly magical wedding venue. The castle fits in seamlessly into its surroundings thanks largely to the philosophy of the Craftsman Movement, which emphasized harmony between the individual and the environment. The entire building is constructed with materials found in the surrounding hills, including eucalyptus and redwood, and rocks hand-selected from the slopes of Mt. Woodson. The adobe bricks that form the second story walls were made at the site from the clay soils found along the drainage, and the roof tiles came from the San Gabriel Mission. With so much attention to detail, it’s no wonder that the entire property is a treasure trove of amazing photo spots.

Looking into the suite from the sun room, we see a more candid scene of our bride while she gets ready for the day.
Standing in the doorway, we get a beautifully lit view of the bridal suite.
The sun room is adjacent to the bridal suite, and is perfect for soft window light portraits.
The sun room is big enough to fit the bride along with her entourage.
The groom's room is also spacious and has great window light.
The windmill next to the castle is iconic of this venue.
Looking back at the castle from the pond w can capture a different perspective of the windmill
Just a short walk awayu00a0around the back of the castle is a tee-box overlooking the golf course. It is a perfect spot for sunset photos.
bride and groom kissing
Just down the hill from the castle, next to the pond, stands a giant oak.
At night, the market lights above the main lawn provide great ambiance for romantic shots.
There are several unique and stylized rooms that reflect the mood of the castle, and offer great opportunity for some cool portraits.

Mt. Woodson Castle Wedding Photography

As preferred photographers of Mt. Woodson Castle, we photograph weddings here frequently :) If you are considering a wedding at this venue, we are happy to talk over specific photography questions. We also suggest checking out more of our Mt. Woodson Castle wedding photos.