Italian Romance | Balboa Park Engagement Session

By, October 07, 2015

There are some things in life that you just can’t plan for. As Eric was receiving his Bachelors from the University of Florida, Christina was returning from her deployment in Afghanistan. Each decided their next step was to pursue their dream of attending law school. Coincidentally, they both chose the same university in California, and ended up having every single class together. On top of that, their lockers happened to be right next to each other. Fate was not subtle in matching these two together!

During the first few days of school, Eric strategically sat next to Christina, so he could strike up a conversation. In less than a week, they were in line at the campus bookstore, where they started to talk. They became instant friends. By the time Eric invited Christina out for the evening, there was no question that they would hit it off. In fact, the pair danced until two in the morning. Says Christina: “We had so much fun, and have been inseparable ever since.”

Because Eric and Christina are both proud Italian-American, they decided they wanted an Italia-themed, family inspired wedding. “My grandparents, who were Italian, helped raise me and passed away a few years ago,” says Christina. “I want to honor them and all they sacrificed for me, by celebrating the beautiful heritage that they passed on to me.”

In anticipation of the upcoming event, we went to Balboa Park for a fun and sophisticated engagement photo shoot. Congratulations to this lovely couple, and viva l’Italia!