L’Auberge Del Mar Wedding

By, March 13, 2023

At True Photography we’ve had the pleasure of working with countless couples in some of the most beautiful venues throughout San Diego. One of our favorites is L’Auberge Del Mar, which offers stunning ocean views and a luxurious atmosphere that truly sets the stage for a memorable wedding day.

L’Auberge Del Mar

Located in the heart of Del Mar, L’Auberge is a luxurious resort that sits right on the beach. From the moment you arrive, you’re greeted with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The landscape provides an impressive backdrop for your wedding photos. We know how important it is for a wedding venue to have both indoor and outdoor options. L’Auberge Del Mar delivers on both fronts. With an elegantly appointed ballroom the venue offers ample space for a grand reception. Additionally, the outdoor terrace is the perfect spot for a sunset ceremony or cocktail hour.L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding sunset ceremony photographed by True Photography

For photography purposes, we love the natural light that floods the L’Auberge Del Mar venue. The light creates a soft and romantic atmosphere that’s ideal for capturing intimate moments. Whether you’re exchanging vows in front of the ocean or celebrating with loved ones in the ballroom, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that every detail is captured beautifully.L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding couple at sunset in San Diego photographed by True Photography

One thing that sets L’Auberge apart from other wedding venues is its incredible attention to detail. From the stylish decor to the impeccable service, everything about this venue exudes luxury and sophistication. We appreciate how the team at L’Auberge Del Mar takes the time to get to know each couple. The staff works tirelessly to bring their wedding vision to life.L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding reception table settings captured by True Photography

The staff at L’Auberge is also fantastic to work with. They are incredibly attentive to detail and also work hard to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. From the moment you book your wedding with L’Auberge, you’ll be assigned a dedicated event coordinator. They will help with everything from selecting the perfect ceremony site to arranging the catering so that your wedding will run smoothly.L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding cocktail hour appetizers photographed by True Photography

Overall, we highly recommend L’Auberge Del Mar as a wedding venue. The stunning location, variety of photo opportunities, and incredible staff make it a fantastic choice for couples who want a wedding that is truly unforgettable. Whether you’re planning a large, extravagant wedding or a more intimate celebration, L’Auberge has everything you need to make your day perfect. Check out our L’Auberge gallery for more wedding inspiration!


Getting Emotional About Candid Wedding Photography

By, July 20, 2017

At the risk of sounding sentimental, we love candids! When subjects don’t know they’re being photographed, we are able to capture fleeting glances, unabashed joy, and pure heartfelt emotion. Whether it’s a reaction during a First Look, or a smile during a particularly bawdy toast, we enjoy documenting those magical moments that make your wedding so uniquely yours.

We photograph candids all throughout the wedding day, to show glimpses of the ‘true’ feelings of the occasion. The resulting candids often wind up being among the most treasured photos :) Here are a few of our recent favorite candid wedding photos showcasing the big day!

Bridal couple snuggle with little one before the ceremony
Wedding couples react candidly on wedding day
Cute colorful flowergirls laughing
Bride's reaction as she walks down aisle during wedding ceremony
Wedding guests tear up during touching ceremony
groomsmen candidly laugh with peacock
hile photographing Efren and his groomsmen at Leo Carrillo Ranch, one of the locals decided to stop by and steal a little limelight. As the peacock began to flaunt its feathers, we were quick to capture the groomsmens' unfiltered reactions to the moment.
Bridesmaid and groomsmen hug wedding couple after ceremony
While Lauren and Sean made their way down the aisle as newlyweds (above), their bridal party couldn't wait to celebrate alongside them, and embraced the couple with hugs!
bride and groom candidly laugh during wedding reception
By keeping things easygoing and interactive, couples can forget about the camera, and embrace the fun of the moment.
Bridal couple laugh during reception toast
We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients' personalities before the big day. During Christina and Matty's wedding (above) at Santiago Canyon Estate, a groomsmen may have shared a bit too much when it was his turn on the mic. Focusing on the Christina and Matty, we were able to capture their priceless reactions!
Funny choreographed mother son dance during wedding reception
wedding guests toast the couple with shots during the reception
At Katherine and Will's wedding reception, we wanted to showcase the excitement of the moment as guests got together for a celebratory shot. We stood on a nearby chair to capture this photo :)
Old gentleman laughs candidly during wedding reception

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Have you worked with my coordinator or videographer before?

By, July 13, 2017

Most likely we have worked together, especially if your coordinator and/or videographer has a well-established reputation within the community. The advantage of being around for 17 years is we have worked with so many excellent vendors! Regardless of whether we have worked together, we work well with everyone. So no matter what, you will be just fine ;) We know how most of the pros work, and they know how we work at this point. We’re able to rely on each other’s experience to make sure the day is stress free for our wedding couple. We also communicate with the coordinator or videographer before the wedding to ensure the process is smooth. There’s definitely less to figure out as the years have gone by!  

For example, Christine of Lavish Weddings is one of the coordinators we work with frequently, having done 28 weddings together to date. She shared her take on working with our company: “I love working with photographers from True because I know they get there early and they’re prepared. They communicate with me ahead of time so we’re always on the same page, and they’re very reliable.  I don’t always have that same experience with new photographers.”

Our goal for our wedding couple is to document the day with amazing photographs. By having great relationships with coordinators like Lavish Weddings, and knowing their approach, it enables us to stay ahead throughout the day. And when working with a videographer outside our studio, sharing the same objective helps us to work together, so you end up with the best of both worlds. Check out some highlights made possible by wonderful vendors we work with, and even some of them in action.

Wedding Coordinators help arrange a beautiful cermony
An overall perspective of a wedding ceremony
The videographer and photographers communicate ahead of time so they are strategically placed to capture the moment perfectly as pictured above right.
Beautiful flower girls
Capturing the moment from every angle
Candle and sand ceremony details
The wedding coordinator ensures the details are set up properly so the day runs the way it was meant to be as we were able to capture the sand and candle ceremony shown above.
Wedding Communion during a ceremony
Ceremony by the water against the sunset
Guest with ribbons during a ceremony exit
The wedding coordinator handed out ribbons to all the guests, in time for the bride and groom's exit, which resulted in a beautiful photo (above right).
Sword Exit after ceremony
Luggage tags as wedding favors
Details for table arrangements
An old dresser transformed into a dessert table
This wedding coordinator set up this beautiful teal console table to feature the cake and desserts, surrounded by the bride and groom's engagement photos.
Place settings on wine corks
Bride and groom give out hot sauce for favors
Cake table set up with dessert
Message in a bottle as place settings
Wedding coordinators are vital to executing the details of a wedding. For example, check out this expertly crafted tray of place settings.
Polaroid photos of guest
Overall shot of a brightly lit purple reception room.
Feature wall at a wedding reception
Dessert Options for guest
Beautiful table setting with individual pillows
Grand entrance on a grand staircase
Bride with a marching band
Cocktail hour at Scripps Forum
Guest enjoying their dinner at the reception
Bride and groom enjoy dinner with their guest
Guest enjoy dinner under the stars
Cheers to the bride and groom
Photographer and videographer relationship
Guest dance as the band plays on
Guest singing along to a favorite song
Groom dances with his bride at their reception
Getting down on the dance floor
Videographers can capture the funky dance moves, guests singing out loud, and all the fun motion that goes on at a reception.
Guest hold up their sparklers for the bride and groom's final exit
Bride and groom enjoy fireworks

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