First Look, Sneak Peek, Unveiling | Recent Wedding Trend

By, June 16, 2014

These days, more and more couples are electing to include a ‘first look’ on their wedding day. The first look involves a special moment, away from the hubbub of the day, where the wedding couple sees each other for the first time in their wedding attire. During this time, we photograph most of the couple’s portraits together. Because these portraits are accomplished early in the day, there is typically extra time remaining for the couple to socialize with guests at the cocktail hour!

Whenever a first look is involved, we work with the couple to pick a romantic and secluded spot for the unveiling.  Then, we step aside, camera poised, and let the emotions take over :) Have a ‘first look’ at some of our favorite first looks below!


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Mark Your Presence | Guestbook Inspiration Board

By, October 29, 2013

Years from now, you’ll want to remember every last person that made your wedding day so special :)  For this reason, guestbooks come in handy!

In traditional guestbooks, wedding guests would just sign their names on a line in a book to mark their presence.  However, this concept has since evolved into something much more creative and fun.  Modern interpretations not only give guests the opportunity to add their John Hancock, but also to add their own wit, wisdom or well wishes. This makes the guestbook much more meaningful, and gives the bridal couple a reason to revisit these messages over time.

Instead of an actual book, many couples use personal items to capture signatures, such as guitars, baseball bats, tennis balls and puzzle pieces. These items can be put on display in the home, and serve as a daily reminder of the wedding day. Current popular styles of guest “books” include photo albums, frames, fingerprint family trees and wine bottles. However, there are no rules…so feel free to find inspiration in the creative ideas below!



Pink and Grey Converse and A Tower of Matching Cupcakes | Wedding Desserts by The Crimson Cake

By, May 07, 2013

Our friends at The Crimson Cake shared their insight into the wedding of Briza and David. This couple was decked out in hot pink and grey accents, and had a delicious cupcake tower to match! We love when a couple’s personality shines through in the small touches.

bride-groom-converse wedding shoesThe-Crimson-Cake at wedding with pink and grey

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the couple chose five distinctive cupcake flavors. Varieties included Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Black and White (chocolate cupcake, vanilla cream inside, and vanilla buttercream on top), Mini Monkey (vanilla or chocolate cupcake, caramelized banana cream inside, and vanilla buttercream on top) and Piña colada (pineapple cupcake, coconut cream inside, and coconut rum buttercream on top).


For the cake atop the tower, Briza and David chose The Crimson Cake’s popular Berries and Cream flavor. Each individual cupcake was topped with fuchsia or grey fondant hearts, which also matched the wedding decor!


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