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By, July 18, 2013

After a bride has selected her honorable maids, the next question is, “What will she want me to wear?” Fortunately, the wardrobe possibilities are infinite. Weddings are evolving more and more into a personal reflection of style and tradition, and a bride has more options than ever for her bridesmaids. Whether it’s identical gowns made of sequins, simple knee-length black cocktail dresses, or a diverse collection of patterned frocks, there are fashionable choices to complement any bride’s overall wedding vision.

To inspire your hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, we’ve selected an abundance of photos we’ve taken at recent weddings. You’ll see twelve different dress colors highlighted, ranging from “metallics” to “multi-colored.” Scroll through the images below and make sure to “Pin” your favorites!

Shining in Metallic — Metallics are a huge hit in weddings right now, and they are a great way to dazzle up your wedding party.  Whether you choose patterned metallic maxi dresses for the whole group, or an eclectic combination of sequence and silk, a touch of shimmer creates instant glam!

Metallic-Bridesmaids-DressesMetallic-Bridesmaids-Dresses copyMetallic-Bridesmaids-dresses-Metallic-bridesmaids-dresses

Pretty in Pink –  Pink is undeniably one of the most popular color choices for bridesmaids’ attire — ranging from blush to fuchsia. Weddings are all about love, so it feels natural to incorporate a feminine and romantic color like pink into your palette.  In the photos below, we’re loving the “anything pink” mash-up, as well as the cohesive blush gowns that make you think of ballet slippers and cotton candy.


The Women in Red – There is no denying that wearing the color red will make a statement. This is likely why red is one of the least common dress options for bridesmaids, for fear that it might detract from the bride herself. We love the bold look, though, and  think red is a beautiful way to highlight the woman in white!

Red-Bridesmaids-DressesRed-Bridesmaids-Dresses copy 2Red-Bridesmaids-DressesRed-Bridesmaids-Dresses

Mellow Yellow – Suited for a summertime beach celebration, or an Autumn winery wedding, yellow bridesmaid dresses are cheery, warm and refreshing. We’ve noticed that yellow dresses are prominently knee-length and strapless, which is fiting for a relaxed and stylish outdoor wedding.


Going Green — The “2013 Pantone Color of the Year” is Emerald, so we’re on the look out for lots of green dresses popping up this season!  We love these versions of green in the photos below, like the soft mint peplum dresses, the powerful emerald gowns, and the sassy olive-colored cocktail dresses.


Something Blue –  Just like in the traditional wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” every bride needs her “blue”.  So, what better way to incorporate this color than blue dresses on the women who are closest to you? Blue bridesmaids dresses, ranging from sky blue, to turquoise, to navy, are surely the most popular choices at weddings we’ve photographed. Depending on the shade, blue can be sophisticated and elegant, yet edgy and bold.


Purple Perfection — Purple is a leading choice for bridesmaid dresses, denoting femininity and gracefulness with underlying elegance. Purple is a popular color for weddings, combining the sophistication of blue and the energy of red. And with so many beloved purple-hued wedding florals, such as lavender, orchid, lilac and anemones, there are plenty of bouquet options to choose from!

Purple-Bridesmaids-Dresses_Purple-Bridesmaids-Dresses Purple-Bridesmaids-dressesPurple-Bridesmaids-Dresses

Fifty Shades of Grey —  Grey is the ultimate neutral when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. It’s a dignified color, like black, but slightly less sharp and formal. Grey or silver can be a soothing complementary shade to ivory or creme, or can make colors like coral or sea foam green really pop when paired together.


Black Beauty —  A timeless wonder, black will always be a safe and refined option for your bridesmaid dresses. From sumptuous floor-length strapless gowns, to that LBD (Little Black Dress), your bridesmaids will thank you! Plus, black is the perfect balance to your showstopping white dress!

Black-bridesmaids-dresses_Black-Bridesmaids-Dresses_Black-Bridesmaids-dresses Black-Bridesmaids-Dresses

“Cream” of the Crop — Though conventional rules say that only the bride can wear white, weddings are becoming less and less “traditional” every season. Cream, ivory and even white bridesmaid dresses create an airy and ethereal look to complement the leading lady.


Multi-Colored Maids — Eclectic is more “in” than ever before. Many brides are offering their bridesmaids “dress guidelines,” which allows them to find dresses that suit their personalities while staying cohesive with the group. As shown in the photos below, mixing different lengths, patterns and cuts can be a beautiful way to add layers and texture to the wedding party!


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