A Showcase of Glitzy Garters

By, May 07, 2014

The garter toss is an age-old wedding tradition that brings matrimonial luck to a willing recipient. After the groom retrieves the garter from his bride (sometimes with his teeth), he flings it toward the single guys. Depending on the gentlemen in attendance, the garter catch can turn from a friendly contest into a full contact sport. It’s a moment of risqué fun, and a chance for the guys to compete for the attention of the crowd.

Modern garters range from sexy and chic to colorful and flashy. Many brides now wear two garters, one to keep and one to give away. Some brides even surprise their special man with a garter inscribed with his favorite sports team. Catch a few of these beauties displayed below!

garter-1 garter-2 garter-3 garter-4 garter-5 garter-6 garter-7 garter-8 garter-9 garter-10 garter-11 garter-12 garter-13
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