Five Tips and Trends To Stylize Your Wedding Reception Tablescape

By, June 20, 2013

Whether it’s a beachfront bash, a rustic barnyard party, or an opulent soiree, the venue sets the stage for the event. However, once the venue is selected, and the theme determined, it is the décor that really brings the celebration to life. When planning the décor, the designer or event planner typically pays specific attention to the reception tables. These tables are where the wedding party and guests spend a majority of their time chatting, dining and enjoying the festivities.

Based on trends that we’ve noticed this year, we’ve highlighted five ways to add a little gusto to your wedding reception table tops:

1. Linen-less Table Spreads

Most of us are conditioned to thinking that every reception table needs linens. However, wedding tables are becoming more like stylized furniture, which looks beautiful when it stands alone. Many couples are putting their linen funds towards furniture rentals instead. Popular finishes include rustic wood, polished acrylic, and glamorous mirrored surfaces.


2. Colored Glassware

For couples looking to add an unexpected color pop, you may choose to incorporate colored glassware to the spread. Tinted glass is a sure-fire way to make your guests “ooh” and “ahh.”


3. High-texture and Patterned Linens

Lace, patterns, and textures are hot right now in the wedding world. Instead of a traditional solid table covering, an embellished linen or unique fabric will bring instant dimension. Couture lace overlays, rosette textured linens, sequenced runners, patterned fabrics and vintage doily tablecloths are all excellent ways to add punch to any spread.

Table-Linens-for-San-Diego-Wedding--_Textured-Table-Linens-San-Diego-WeddingTable-Linens-for-San-Diego-Wedding-San-Diego-Wedding-Table-Linens Table-Linens-for-San-Diego-WeddingSan-Diego-Wedding-Table-top

4. Unique Chargers and Plates

In lieu of classic white 10″ plates, adding a colored charger or unique dish will polish off the look. To complement your traditional wedding, you may choose to incorporate a vintage gold-rimmed setting, a modern metallic saucer, or a royal purple charger for an added burst of color. Some brides and grooms also collect an array of plates to create a cool, eclectic vibe in the room.

San-Diego-Wedding-Chargers-_San-Diego-Wedding-Chargers-Wedding-Chargers-and-PlacesettingsWedding-Tablescape-and-PlacesettingSan-Diego-Wedding-ChargersSan-Diego-Wedding-ChargersSan-Diego-Wedding-Tablescape San-Diego-Wedding-Table-Placesetting-San-Diego-Wedding-PlacesettingTablescape-at-weddingSan-Diego-Wedding-Chargers--

5. Long, Rectangular or Square Tables

Round tables are always a great way for guests to easily see one another and enjoy intimate conversation during a wedding. However, long banquet tables allow an unique perspective of the whole party, all lined up in a row. Long tables can make you feel connected to everyone, even if they’re twenty seats down! Large square tables also add a modern vibe to the floor plan and can be mixed with rounds for an angular look.

_Long-Wedding-Reception-TableLong-tablescape-at-wedding-receptionLong-banquet-table-at-wedding-reception Long-tablescape-wedding-receptionWedding-reception-tablesWedding-Tablescape-runnerLong-Wedding-Reception-TableWedding-Table-Tops

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