Something Blue | A Modern Take on an Old Tradition

By, September 25, 2013

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”

This wedding-day proverb originated from an English poem, and dates back to the Victorian Era. For centuries, brides have been incorporating the “four somethings” into their wedding day. The practice has stood the test of time, and although we’re not superstitious, we think it’s a fun way to add a touch of whimsy or significance to your wedding day.

Today, we are focusing on the “something blue”, which symbolizes faithfulness, purity, love and fidelity. Traditionally, for her “something blue”, a bride would tie a ribbon in her hair. However, modern brides have taken their own creative approach to this custom, and have found new and creative ways to incorporate this color. Here our Top 5 suggested ways to rock blue down the aisle!

1. Shoes

Currently, one of the most popular ways to incorporate “something blue” is through shoes! As these bold pumps peek out from under your dress, guests will catch just a glimpse of brilliant blue. Or if you want something more subtle, you can affix blue crystal decals to the underside of your shoes. This will get the job done, and make for a fun photo opportunity!


2. Accessories

From garter belts to broaches, and handkerchiefs to pins, you will surely find a way to accessorize with a touch of blue!


2. Jewelry

Some brides like to display their blue item in plain view, so why not make it sparkle and shine? These stunning blue accessories are sure to turn heads!


3. Dress

With so many dress accessories available, it’s easy to spruce up your wedding gown with a hint of blue.  If you’re seeking to add a personal and handmade touch, we love the idea of sewing something blue and meaningful to the inside of the dress!


4. Engagement Rings

By incorporating sapphires or other precious gems into your ring, you can display this statement of fidelity and love on the wedding day, and every day!



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