Edmonton, Canada | Stylish Rainy Wedding | Mary and Toan

By, September 19, 2013

We reached the most northern destination of our 50-day traveling adventure: Edmonton, Canada! While there, we captured the stylish and eventful wedding of Mary and Toan. In celebration of their marriage, these Edmonton natives had both a traditional tea ceremony and a Western-style ceremony!

You know how they say that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck?  Well, if this statement is in fact true, then Mary and Toan will have a lifetime full of good fortune.  The rain began early in the day and decided to stay throughout the festivities :) Fortunately, the rain also brought the opportunity to have fun and play a bit. Check out some of our favorite shots below!

The two different ceremonies allowed the bride to showcase two uniquely different dresses, both of which popped against the green landscape of Edmonton.


Following the traditional tea ceremony, we headed to downtown Edmonton in a limo bus to get the party started.  On the way, we made use of the city’s landmarks for some ‘outside the box’ photos. Our favorite highlights included the uniquely colored windows of the downtown buildings, and the quirky outdoor sculptures.


To capture more photos of the bridal party, we headed to Louise McKinney park, which features a variety of backdrops within walking distance.  A little further across the bridge was the Muttart Conservatory, which is known for its signature glass pyramid buildings. These interesting buildings were a lot of fun, photo-wise. As you can see below, the bridal party was having a blast as well!  Rain and all :)


You know what they say, kids. No running when its wet out, or you’ll slip and fall!


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