Indian weddings are all about vibrant colors, family and cultural rituals

By, May 20, 2011

Traditional Indian weddings are beautiful and elaborate occasions. The bright pinks and fiery reds, gold accents and bright jewel tones are what make Indian celebrations so incredible to see and photograph.

Our photographers understand the components of Indian ceremonies, and anticipate each photo opportunity, so that nothing is missed.  From the exchanging of the garlands under the mandap, to the groom getting his feet washed, to the mother of the bride’s expression when giving away her daughter, every significant moment is captured. We feel right at home with the rituals, so we can spend our time adding a creative touch to the photography, rather than trying to keep up with the action.

Our style is often described as timeless photography with an edge, and that stays true with cultural weddings.  Some of our favorite and most striking images have been captured during traditional proceedings.  We also make sure to photograph all relatives involved, to show the merging of two entire families. Just like all of our wedding photography, the collection of images are balanced to include candids, traditional portraits, black and white photos, color photos, and stylistic images.

Here’s a look at some of the photos we’ve taken during Indian wedding celebrations. Enjoy!