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We always have an eye out for talented, creative professionals. If your natural style lends itself to what we do, then we are interested in viewing your work. If you are a photographer who would like to be considered for opportunities, please note that you must meet all of the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of 5 years of professional wedding photography experience. Having amazing talent is very important, but knowing the ins and outs of weddings takes time and perseverance. No matter how talented you are, a minimum of 5 years is critical.
  • An absolute love for wedding photography
  • We prefer that the photographer be formally trained. Capturing an amazing photo under ideal conditions is easy, but producing amazing results under imperfect conditions is what defines a true pro on a technical level. For example, when you’re faced with darkness, wind, or bright midday sun, you still have to know how to get an amazing shot. Formal training helps to enhance this skill set, and makes you better prepared for the kinds of situations you’ll encounter.
  • A personable nature and confident approach. You must be able to give people direction and ensure that you get the best shot in a likeable and unobtrusive way
  • An extensive online portfolio highlighting your experience and range of work within the wedding industry. Only applicants with an online portfolio will be considered.
  • Ownership of the very highest quality Canon or Nikon lenses and camera
  • Willingness to understudy and second shoot, regardless of previous experience
  • Personal commitment to the job, with pride in producing a consistently high level of work
  • Appreciation for learning new skills, and willingness to take feedback to heart in order to grow and improving on a continual basis
  • Timeliness in correspondence with clients, and follow-through in every commitment made
  • Ability to work quickly, efficiency, and effectively
  • Versatility in shooting under a variety of challenging conditions, and grace under pressure
  • Ethical, and willing to put the needs of the company ahead of short-term personal gain
  • Commitment to shooting weddings exclusively for our studio, and enthusiasm for working most if not all weekends throughout the year
  • Looking for a long-term career with our company

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San Diego Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography San Diego

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