What kinds of albums do you offer?

We believe that the best albums are simple in design, so that they remain timeless. We work companies that match our photography style and reproduce images with the highest quality craftsmanship :)

All of the albums we offer come with a lifetime guarantee, so that your wedding images can be showcased and preserved for generations. For more information regarding our wedding albums, please visit our walkthrough guide.

Do you do a walkthrough or scout the location of our venue?

Yes. We always scout a venue inside and out if the venue is new to us. If it is a location that we have photographed for years, then typically we don't need to do a walkthrough. To produce the very best results and to be most efficient we have found that it is best that we do a walkthrough on our own, versus with the clients. This allows us as photographers to focus without distraction.

As trained photographers we are looking at things from a completely different perspective. We are looking at how the light is falling in a particular area, we are looking for clean backgrounds, distractions in the background, and how we want to expose for the image. We look for little nooks and crannies that to an untrained eye may not be amazing, but behind the camera it will be.

We have found that it is most important to scout a new location on the day of the wedding. That way we can see what the light presents, as well have everything very fresh in our minds as to the best spots to photograph. We typically arrive an hour before shoot time, to allow for plenty of time to really get to know the location. Before the wedding day, we also like to go online and view photographs that have been taken in the past at the venue. We use that as inspiration and then give it our own twist.

If you are doing a walkthrough, we suggest that if you have any special locations that you want to be photographed in, that you send us an email list and we will be sure to take note. But ultimately we will make sure on our end that we know the venue blindfolded before photographing. If you can put your trust in our process, I can promise that it will produce the very best end result.

What are your wedding album sizes?

We offer four size categories (Small, Classic, Large, and Supersize), with your choice between either a Square or Horizontal orientation. The "Small" formats make perfect parent albums, and the standard-sized "Classic" books are ideal for a couple's wedding album. For those who go big, there are also breathtaking oversized options!

10x10 (Small Square)

"Popular parent books!"
Up to 65 images

14x10 (Classic Horizontal)

Our most popular choice
Up to 85 images

12x12 (Classic Square)

Modern square orientation
Up to 85 images

15x12 (Large Horizontal)

A step up - show off the love
Up to 105 images

18x12 (Yowza!)

It's big, it's bold, and it's fun
Up to 120 images

Is it possible to see which album images the designer chose to make B/W or featured?

Definitely! Part of the design process is choosing a handful of your selected images to be featured, and to turn black and white. Typically, these decisions are made at the discretion of our designers, who understand how to tell the story of your day in a visual and creative way.

Some couples find they prefer to have an all-color album. If this is your preference, you will have this option when purchasing your album online.

You will also see the option to choose your own black and white album images, instead of having our designers make the determination.

If you decide to choose your own black and whites, this can be done by leaving notes for our designers. Just before checking out with your album purchase, when you view the album in your cart, you will see a note icon next to each album image you have selected. This is where you can leave special requests for our designers for specific images (ex: please turn this image b&w).

Finally, before your album goes to print, we will email you a preview of the final layout. That way, you have digital a sneak peek of your album, with all layouts and color / b&w selections in place :)

For more information regarding our wedding albums, and to get started on your order, please click here.

I'm planning to order an album. What is the process like, and when will I receive it?

Before your album is created, you will be able to make all image selections online, and choose your very favorite images. Once the album images are decided, and your album is ordered online, your chosen photos will undergo another round of retouching at our studio, so that they are perfect for the album. After you approve the final layout, it takes approximately 6-8 weeks for the album to be sent out.

For more information on our wedding albums, please visit our helpful walkthrough guide.

How do I log into to view my photos?

We are definitely happy to help. Here is the process:

Step 1 - Your Event Code
Typically, when your event is ready to be viewed, we provide you with an Event Code via email. This Event Code lets you view and enjoy your online gallery, and browse and order digital images, prints, books and albums.

Assuming you were provided with an Event Code, please visit On the home page, where it says 'Find My Photos', please ensure you enter the Event Code provided and not an email address or any other password.


If your Event Code is correct and active, you will now be able to browse the photos for your event. You are welcome to share this event code with friends and family, so they may also view and enjoy your photos, and order prints and digital files if desired.

Step 2 - Your Account
If you were provided with an Account, or would like to set one up, click the Account Login link in the upper left corner of the website. This is where you will enter your email address and password. If you have earned credit through your registry or other means, the credit will only be available when logged into your Account.

Unlike your Event Code, you will want to keep your Account private (do not share), since it will eventually contain purchase history and other personal info.

Step 3 - Account Credit
After you are logged in, if you have credit in your account, you will be able to see this by clicking on My Account. Any active credit shown will be available to use upon checkout, and may be applied towards any purchase.


  1. If we set up your account as a courtesy, and notified you via email, please ensure you are logging in with the account the email was sent to.
  2. If it has been several months since your event, your online gallery is likely expired. Please contact us to reactivate, if possible.
  3. If your event was prior to 2016, please contact us.
  4. If you are a guest and are trying to access a specific event, please contact the individual or couple directly to request the Event Code.
  5. For all other questions regarding online viewing and ordering, please contact our studio :)

What are your wedding album cover options?

Our Micro Leathers are known for their beauty, touch and durability. Micro leather covers are soft to the touch and are made to last for generations. Vegan and environmentally responsible, they have all the benefits of fine grade leather.



Powder Blue


Vanilla Bean

What are your options for showing our names on the album cover?

Names on Motif

For a sophisticated look, your album will be personalized with your names centered, on a motif, in the center of your album cover. As you are choosing your album options, you'll be asked to enter your first names exactly as you want them to appear on your album cover. If you prefer your album to say JENNY & STEVE, please enter "Jenny / Steve" as opposed to Jennifer / Steven.

Motif Border Color

Cover motifs are printed in black text on a white background, with your choice of border color.

Metallic Silver

Metallic Gold

Flat White

What are my options for duplicate and parent books?

We offer the following solutions for wedding album duplicates and mini / parent books:

If you would like to order one or more additional books that are exactly the same as your main album
When ordering your main album, you have the option to change the quantity in the cart before you check out.

If you would like to order one or more additional books that are mini versions of your main album
When ordering your main album, you will see the option to add one or more minis / parent books. If your main book is square, all minis will be 10x10 Square. If your main book is horizontal, all minis will be 10x7 Horizontal.

If you would like to order another totally separate book
(ex: a parent book with a different size and images):

  • After checking out and ordering your initial album, you can start again by adding a new album to your cart.
  • You can share your event code with others so they can order their own custom albums with your images.

If I have credit (ex: from my True Photography Registry), can I use this toward my album?

If you have acquired credit with our studio (through our registry or other means), any amount of credit may be applied towards your album purchase, which will help offset the cost.

When I order a wedding album, how does the image selection work?

You have two options with image selections - use our complimentary selection service (included), or choose out your own images. Here is an explanation of each option:

  • Option A (strongly recommended): "Please choose for me" - Once we receive your order, our design team hand-selects, retouches, and sequences the images to be included, and lays out each spread to best tell the story of the day. This is the easiest way to have a beautiful album in the shortest amount of time.
  • Option B: "I will make my own image selections" - If preferred, after placing your order, you will be the one making the image selections. This involves reviewing and evaluating the entire event photography for album potentials, and choosing out the final images to be included (6 - 8 hour time commitment on average). Your image selections will be considered final, and we will design around your chosen images.

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