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Like the city itself, weddings throughout Los Angeles are extremely unique and diverse. What else could be expected from a city that changes dramatically from one neighborhood to the next? Spend a couple of hours driving thru Los Angeles (traffic permitting) and the vibe will go from downtown metropolis, to hipster trendy, to upscale chic, all within the span of a few blocks.

Los Angeles weddings are some of the most elegant events we’ve seen as photographers. Neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Glendale, and Malibu contain luxurious wedding venues that set the stage for breathtaking ceremonies and receptions. We specialize in upscale and mid-range weddings throughout the Los Angeles area, including sports superstars and celebrity wedding photography. Our celebrity weddings have been featured on E! Online and People Magazine. To honor the wishes of our more private clients, we also have celebrity weddings you won’t find in our portfolio :)

As wedding photographers, we love the energy of Los Angeles weddings. There is something about an LA wedding that feels like it is an event not to be missed. Maybe it’s the fact that Hollywood is nearby, or because it’s a city full of dynamic, exciting people. Whether your wedding is cultural, traditional, or modern, our skilled photographers are ready and prepared! We have years of training and experience in all aspects of wedding photography. We set up our process for the absolute best results possible, and so that you know you are in good hands. We look forward to photographing your LA wedding! :)