Answered by Aaron F (CEO of True Photography)


Photographer Details: 

Will I know my photographer? Definitely. Yes! It is important to not only love your photographer’s images but also to feel comfortable and have a great connection with your lead photographer. This is important to us as well. You will have plenty of interaction to make sure everything feels perfect. The advantage of working with our small group of photographers that we represent is that you are never stuck. If your photographer, for example, gets sick, twists an ankle the day before your wedding, or anything else that can happen in life, we always have a photographer of equal caliber ready to go. Backup is SO important, especially for your wedding day. As well, if for any reason the connection is anything less than perfect, you can always make a switch without question. This ensures the entire experience is perfect for you.

How many years have the photographers been professional photographers? 5-10 years on average. Most photographers start off as second or third shooters with us, even if they have a lot of previous experience. This is to ensure they really understand our brand and what is expected. As well, we want to make sure that their personalities are universally loved by all of our clients. It’s important that a photographer knows how to provide direction, in a likable way, with a fun, happy energy. I’m not sure if it's cool to say we are cool, but this is a great group of talent!

Are all the photographers represented similar in style? Yes. The photographers we represent have a very similar approach. Each photographer’s goal is to capture a nice variety with a lot of candids, stylized portraits, family portraits, artistic shots and details. By providing you with a wide range of poses, expressions and backgrounds, it ensures you will receive many pictures you love. 

Post Production Details:

Do you farm out the images for retouching?  No :) All images that are to receive hand retouching are done locally by our post production team. We have 4 dedicated retouchers to ensure there is brand consistency. When using a retouching warehouse with thousands of retouchers, there are often many shifts in color treatment and style, so we have found it best to keep to a select few, talented individuals. Here is a link to see our process of how we retouch the sneak peaks

Pricing Details:

Are you considered low end or high end price-wise? In the Middle.  We typically fit into 95% of our inquiring potential clients' budget. We produce a high end product at a mid range price. We won’t be the cheapest, because to say it with no filter, I feel we are better than that. We have captured over 4400 events and have maintained 100% positive reviews on Yelp (ranked #1), The Knot, Wedding Wire and Google.  We also won’t be the most expensive. Although we produce a high end product we want to produce great work for the majority, not just the 2% that sit in the high end market. 

I am a big believer that if a client needs to keep their budget lower, 5 hours of an amazing photographer, will make you much happier than 20 hours of someone that isn’t as qualified/talented. Along this same line, having one amazing photographer is better than two bad ones. 

Basically, do everything you can to ensure that the talent is there, so it doesn’t look like an Uncle shot it ;)