What is a True Partner?

True Photography has partnered with Mt Woodson Castle to offer a special package rate! Mt Woodson Castle is a venue we work with often and have established a long-standing, wonderful relationship with their team. Therefore, you will receive the best price offered. Once booked, you may want to add to the package that you have selected (ex: add time, an additional photographer, engagement shoot, etc). After booking through, you will be emailed a private Account Login. This will give you full access to more options.

Why Choose True?

1. True Photography is the #1 ranked photography studio in San Diego on Yelp. #1 rated on threebestrated.com #1 ranked and in the Hall of Fame on The Knot. That is 5,783 events and 23 years with 100% positive reviews and never a single negative review :)

2. You ALWAYS get to know your photographer first hand, as well as see their portfolio. Once you book through you will receive a call or email to help get everything matched up. If anything is ever anything less than perfect with your lead photographer, leading up to the wedding day, you can always make a switch or adjustment. You are never stuck with anyone. This holds each photographer accountable to always be awesome and punctual throughout the entire process.

3. We guarantee your experience. If at any point (up to two weeks before the wedding day) you were, for any reason, not "feeling it" with our team, 100% of all monies paid would be refunded back to you. We want to make sure that when you choose us it is always a choice and not a have-to scenario. Based on our history through, you will be beyond happy :)

4. As we know, unexpected life can happen and we have a plan, just in case. Because True has a team, if one photographer gets sick or breaks their leg a day before your wedding, you can take comfort in knowing there is another equally qualified True photographer ready to go at a moments notice. We always have two photographers on call, just in case of any emergency.

5. To have a great experience and end product, this requires many skills beyond just being a talented photographer. Examples of this are being a great photographer, a great post-production retoucher, a designer (for albums), well versed at creative systems to make sure everything is organized, having backup systems in place, provide customer support, chatting with potential clients, have organized accounting, etc. With True you have a team of talented people doing what they do best instead of an individual trying to be good at everything.

6. Because our process is streamlined, the turnaround time for your images is very quick. You will get a sneak peek typically within the week of your wedding and all of the rest of your images ready within a couple of weeks.

7. We don't require a large deposit and your payments can be automatically processed monthly. There are no added fees, tax, or interest.

What is Included in my Package?

1. Wedding Sneak Peeks - We hand-select 20 highlight images and individually enhance and retouch them. These pictures are typically ready within a week of your wedding.

2. All High Resolution Digital Files - We will edit down the pictures (avg 700 pictures for 6 hour wedding) and will give the images a nice color and contrast adjustment.

3. Outtakes - You will receive a download link to all of the rest of the images in their original form. You never know what picture you may care about 10 years from now, so it is important to get every single one.

4. Images Organized to Online Viewing Cart - All of your images will be organized by category, making it much easier to find a specific image. Example Folders: Getting ready, Ceremony, Family Portraits, Couple's Portraits, Reception. All images are then posted online to a password protected, viewable cart. You will receive a code that you can share with family and friends. Images will remain online for viewing for 3 months with the option to extend.