A Ruffled Wedding Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

By, January 28, 2013

Heather and Gabe contacted Sweet Cheeks Baking Co in July to create a beautiful wedding cake for their November nuptials at the Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla.

The goal was to design a cake that fit the modern feel of the Scripps Forum, as well as the layered and ruffled look that Heather loves.

Sweet-Cheeks-Wedding-Cakes-at-Scripps-Seaside-Forum copy 2

Heather and Gabe’s wedding, which was coordinated by Details Defined, had a modern beach feel with pops of pink and deep purple. The cake complemented the aesthetic of the day, and it turned out beautifully!


Because the wedding was held in November, we wanted to offer the guests a cool selection of seasonal flavors. We created a rich chocolate option, as well as a lighter, fruitier choice. Since berries were at their ripest peak, we suggested using a dark berry to offset the lemon brightness they requested. As a result, the cakes could not have been more deliciously paired – all frosted in our Italian Meringue Butter Cream.


The bottom tier was made of our Chocolate Blackout Cake, with Chocolate Butter Cream, and 60% Belgian Chocolate Ganache fillings. The top two tiers featured our Vanilla Bean Sour Cream Cake, with Fresh Blackberry Curd and Lemon Curd fillings.


Heather and Gabe hired Kathy Wright Flowers to create their amazing arrangements. Kathy built up a tremendous, extra large Malmaisson Rose, which became the singular floral topper for the cake. Kathy makes beautiful pieces of art, so we were thrilled to have one of her creations finish off our cake.


All of our options were practical, and within the desired price range!


This ruffled cake was the right fit for the “Wright” couple!


Bakery: Sweet Cheeks Baking
Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum
Photographer: True Photography
Coordinator: Details Defined
Musician: Caprice Strings
Caterer: Coast Catering
Makeup: Flirt Makeup
Event Beverage Service: Giuseppe Fine Catering
Florist: Kathy Wright & Co.
Transportation: La Costa Limo
Disc Jockey: Shammy Dee
Jeweler: The Diamond Connection


San Diego Wedding Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

By, April 04, 2012

Sweet Cheeks Baking Co is a women-owned team of super talented people!  We pride ourselves on quality in all aspects — from great customer service, to healthy infusions in the product, to the highest level of flavor in every bite.  We buy many of our ingredients from local farmers, use eggs from local/veggie-fed chickens, and even deliver in a Hybrid vehicle.  We incorporate fun into our baking world and do our best to share our positive energy with the industry and our clients.  After all, cake is supposed to be fun and delicious!

Cake trends vary in color and design. The current trend is towards either super clean lines (often the most challenging décor due to its need for perfection) or rustic-vintage outdoorsy designs (a’ la Anthropologie, like the birdies in a nest as a cake topper, below).

Contemporary wedding cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking CoModern wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego

Bird wedding cake topperModern wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego

Our design style is personalized to each client, and customized to their vision and  personalities. My personal focus lies in nature, and its amazing opportunities for spiraling vines, leaves, feathers, and anything that creeps up a cake in a cool way.

San Diego Wedding Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. Natural wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego Green ribbon candy wedding cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

Since our cake flavors are all custom combined by our clients, it is hard to say which is most popular.  It’s probably a toss-up between our Fresh Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Mousse & Slow Cooked Chocolate Fudge, frosted in Italian Butter Cream or our Sunshine Raspberry Swirl with Raspberry Curd & Lemon Butter Cream.

Floral amd lace wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego Modern wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego

We believe that the most important part of the cake (especially to most grooms) is the TASTE. We want to be sure that clients choose us because they love the cake.  Great design can be done any time after they’ve chosen our product and have budgeted accordingly!

Modern wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego

For Ashley and Derrick’s wedding at the Hilton Bayfront, we were given a great chance to express both their excitement for modern lines with fabulous embellishment.  This cake, with its dangling crystals and mod square layout, utilized edible silver pearls and gorgeous hand painted scroll décor.  They selected two delicious flavor combos for their tiers of So Cal Citrus Cake with Lemon Curd as well as the Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese filling.

Modern wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego Modern wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego Modern wedding cakes by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego

We tend to charge based on the size of a cake, which on average is $6.50 to $8 per person. Some designs, based on lengthy labor hours involved, can jump to $10 or even $12 to $15 per person. Rather than having a large cake, many clients opt for a fun buffet of mixed mini desserts, which average closer to $3.25-5 per person. We create dessert buffets at least once each weekend with separated cakes, cupcakes, mini key lime tarts, crystal sugar cookies, mini cannoli, and various yummy cake bites.

Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego Chocolate and Red Velvet cupcakes with hearts at wedding by Sweet Cheeks Baking CoDessert table Sweet Cheeks Baking Co

We make brilliant groom’s cakes, and love creating them to fit the passion of a groom!  The groom’s cake is often a surprise planned by the bride or by his parents. The groom’s cake should represent his style, his love outside of his obvious love for his bride – cars, sports, movies, beverages, pets, music, etc. Many people choose to give this cake its own focus by featuring it at the Rehearsal Dinner vs. competing with the main cake on their wedding day.  The groom’s cake is typically a totally different flavor from wedding cake, to offer something fun, unique, and super cool.

Grooms cake a can a SPAM by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co Modern Grooms Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego

We offer many fabulous footed pedestals for cake and cupcake displays, and have also created many custom stands by utilizing fellow vendors such Enticing Tables Designs and Embellishmint Floral & Event Design! We charge anywhere from $10 to $75 for such displays.

Cuocake tree by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. in San Diego Floral Cake Design by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co