A Day in the Life of True

By, July 19, 2017

Not only is ‘True’ the name of our photography company, it’s also one of our favorite team members. Meet our mascot – True the Dog!

True is a fun-loving goldilocked dachshund that rules the studio, and the not-so-mean streets around our building, in downtown San Diego. He spends most of his day with the team, perusing through hundreds of photos, and giving them his subtle nod of approval. When he’s not in front of the computer, he can be found napping, relaxing in our massage chair, or basking in the window light. He’s not the athletic type, though he’ll occasionally accompany team members to the corner store, while leaving his mark on random fire hydrants ;)

Fittingly, True holds the record for the most photographed dachshund in the southwestern United States. He is a natural in front of the camera, and draws inspiration from all of the portraits he personally inspects throughout the day. Here are just a few out of many many photos of True, and a special little video.

Black and white pet portrait
Dog portrait
Black and white dachshund portraits
Dachshund sleeping
Colorful urban pet photos
Colorful pet photos
Dramatic Dog Photo
Walking the dog downtown
Walking the dog
Walking the dog
Dog on a massage chair
Dog at a loft
Lazy Dachshund Dog Photo
Dachshund black and white
Black and White photo of a dog

You do you, True! Did you know we do pet photography? For a full gallery of furry friends, check out more pet photography inspiration.

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