Day 5 of 5 | Adventurous Wedding Photos | Destination Wedding in the Caribbean

By, April 05, 2013

Recently, we photographed Jessica and Dan’s wedding in picturesque Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean. Thanks to the beautiful surroundings, this destination wedding turned into an entire weekend of adventure and fun.

As you’ll see in the photo below, we captured the wedding party as they took turns jumping off of an old, abandoned ship. The afternoon was filled with tons of laughter, backflips, underwater photography and, thankfully, no broken bones! Later in the weekend, the group rode horseback through the 5-foot-deep, vivid turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Now that’s an adventurous wedding weekend!

Turks and Caicos WeddingTurks-and-Caicos-Wedding-Photos-

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Day 3 of 5 | Adventurous Wedding Photos | Underwater Bride and Groom

By, April 03, 2013

For our third day of Adventurous Wedding Photos, we bring you a great shot of Meagan and JamesThis bride and groom decided to literally “take the plunge.” Despite the chilly water, our adventurous photographer took a series of underwater pictures, capturing the couple in their full-on wedding attire.

Meagan and James had a lot of fun in the process, as well as a memory that is unique and exciting! If your wedding was held underwater, how many guests do you think would attend?


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Day 2 of 5 | Adventurous Wedding Photos | Lightning Striking at Colorado Wedding

By, April 02, 2013

Today, we bring you one of our favorite adventurous wedding photos, taken near Red Rocks Park, Colorado. Though many people assume the lightning was Photoshopped in, it definitely wasn’t.

The photo was taken at about 5,400 feet elevation, in an open field, with lightning hitting almost every 15 seconds. Our photographer was holding a metal camera, and the bride and groom were gripping an aluminum umbrella! It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but we all were committed.

Everyone agreed that if this shot had resulted in being struck by lighting, it would have been an amazing last photograph. Fortunately, everyone lived to tell the story, and of course, to enjoy the photo!


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