Day 4 of 12: Aqua wedding color inspiration

By, December 22, 2011

Wedding photos that incorporate the color aqua convey a feeling of relaxation and calmness, with a hint of excitement and beauty! From robin’s egg blue, to teal, to turquoise, there are a whole range of aqua blue shades… and we’re putting them all together in this blog! We’ve photographed a number of aqua-inspired weddings, and we love the way that the color pops in photos. 

You’ll see a few of our favorite aqua examples below, including the light aqua Don Julio Tequila bottle under a thatched-roof bar at a destination wedding in Turks and Caicos, and the electric aqua tank at the Birch Aquarium. And you can’t miss the deeper-toned aqua 1957 Chevy convertible, which was used to transport the bride and groom. What a ride!

How can you not love this happy and vibrant color? Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow, where we will debut our next wedding color – GOLD!

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