Better Than Icing | Ultimate Cake Toppers

By, April 30, 2014

There are number of unique ways to add personal touches to age-old wedding traditions. For example, a custom-made cake topper is a fun conversation piece, and a keepsake that lasts long after the wedding. Fun examples of cake toppers we’ve seen include bobble head versions of the wedding couple, origami, and handcrafted figurines such as birds and robots.

As you’ll see, a small personal touch such as a custom cake topper makes the wedding cake look even more delicious :) We hope you enjoy our showcase of sweet cake toppers from recent weddings.

caketopper-1 caketopper-2 caketopper-3-4 caketopper-5 caketopper-6 caketopper-7 caketopper-8 caketopper-9-10 caketopper-10-11 caketopper-11-12


How could we possibly top this post? How about a whole collection of recent cake images for you to enjoy :)


Delicious Wedding Cakes | Sweet Style

By, April 23, 2014

Because we photograph weddings, we’ve seen a wide variety of creative wedding cakes. When invited for a taste, we usually can’t resist :) Wedding cakes are just too delicious to pass up. Some cakes are simple, some are extravagant and some are downright outrageous. No matter the style, each cake is work of art filled with delicious goodness.

More than ever, cake designers and couples are collaborating to create cakes that are unique and specific to the occasion. We especially like it when couples get creative and choose a cake that reflects their personalities, as you’ll see below. Take a look at some of the tastiest selections we’ve photographed recently. Which is your favorite?

cakes-1-2 cakes-3 cakes-4 cakes-5-6 cakes-7 cakes-8-9 cakes-9-10 cakes-11 cakes-12-13 cakes-14-15

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