Flavorful Cake Cutting Photos

By, March 25, 2015

Of the many fun traditions that take place at a wedding, the cake cutting is one of our favorites. We enjoy capturing a nice portrait beside the cake, as well as the spontaneity that follows. As the bride and groom feed each other, there are often outrageous moments that take place. What starts as a delicate nibble can even erupt into full-contact pastry flinging :) We love capturing the reactions of guests as the excitement unfolds.

Please enjoy a taste of our recent cake cutting photos, featured below.

0001Cakecutting 0002Cakecutting 0003Cakecutting 0004Cakecutting 0005Cakecutting 0006Cakecutting 0007Cakecutting 0008Cakecutting 0009Cakecutting 0010Cakecutting 0011Cakecutting 0012Cakecutting 0013Cakecutting 0014Cakecutting 0015Cakecutting 0016Cakecutting 0017Cakecutting 0018Cakecutting 0019Cakecutting 0020Cakecutting 0021Cakecutting 0022Cakecutting 0023Cakecutting