Vendors We Love: Lounge Appeal

By, July 21, 2015

Vendor Type: Lounge furniture rental
Why We Love Them: Their knack for transforming regular spaces into cozy and sophisticated lounge environments.
Did You Know? Furniture rentals are offered in over twelve color schemes, including Lime Green, Gold, Royal Blue, and Chocolate!
What’s New: “We are constantly adding new inventory, please check our website or Facebook page for the most up to date items!”
Things They Love: Light up furniture, clients who become friends, a balanced event layout, Happy Hour, True Photography’s amazing team!

Please enjoy a selection of our favorite images from recent events we’ve worked together. Click here to see more!

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Light up the Night | A Spotlight on Tim Altbaum Productions

By, October 03, 2013

So… you’ve booked your venue, decided on the style and theme, and now you’re looking to enhance the space. How can you take a beautiful room and make it your own?  The answer is easy – lighting!

Although its importance is often overlooked, the impact that lighting makes is tremendous. In our opinion, lighting is the additional “wow” factor that makes everything look ten times better. With the flick of a switch, lighting creates a mood, and sets the tone for a fun, formal, or funky event!

Today, we are “highlighting” the ways that uplighting, market lights, and gobos transform different spaces, with examples from our talented friends at Tim Altbaum Productions. After Tim and his crew work their magic, all you have to do is add romantic candlelit votives, and your wedding ambiance is set! Here are a few of our favorite examples from recent weddings.

1. Colored Up-lights

As you’ll see below, colored gel up-lights spice up white walls, and add a pop of color to the room. These lights are available in an array of colors, including fuchsia, blue, and warmer amber hues. With so many choices, you’ll be sure to find the right color to get the party started!


2. Market/Bistro lights

For outdoor events, market lights add a perfect twinkle to the night sky. These lights can be strung parallel to the ground, or draped from high structures to become focal design points. They can even support the weight of paper lanterns and other decorations, which adds a touch of character.


3. Gobos

A gobo, or patterned light source, is a great way to add intrigue and texture to walls and floors. There are tons of gobo designs available for your choosing, meaning you will find something to fit any occasion. And if you want a specific pattern, or perhaps your name, a custom creation can be made just for you!