The Westgate Hotel

By, December 11, 2017

Highlights of the Westgate Hotel

This luxury hotel is a tribute to the anteroom in the Palace of Versailles. The Grand Lobby is noted for its magnificent antiques, crystal chandeliers, and Persian carpets. The hotel is located right in the heart of San Diego, and has plenty to offer in terms of wedding photography, as you will see below.

Both the lobby and the mezzanine level of the hotel are ornately decorated, and joined by a fancy winding staircase. They are the perfect setting for fairytale-like wedding photos. There is an abundance of natural light coming through the elegantly draped windows, and plenty of classic furniture to use as props.

Antique wedding style
The lobby and the mezzanine level of the hotel are the perfect setting for fairytale-like wedding photos. Both floors are ornately decorated and joined by a fancy winding staircase. There is tons of natural light coming through the elegantly draped windows and plenty of classic furniture to use a props.
Classic Wedding at the Westgate Hotel
Antique wedding style
Outside the front entrance there is a beautifully lit open space with tropical plants and flowers. The exterior walls of the hotel also provide an interesting background for some photos.
Classic antique wedding
Classic Wedding at the Westgate Hotel
Right next to the lobby and adjacent to the grand staircase is this beautiful hidden gem (below). It serves as a hospitality room for the hotel guests but also the ideal spot for few colorful portraits on your wedding day.
Antique wedding style
Westgate San Diego Wedding
As you can imagine the ceremony and reception spaces in the hotel are equally elaborate.
Classic Wedding at the Westgate Hotel
The Westgate Hotel Wedding
Antique wedding style
Antique wedding style
Classic Wedding at the Westgate Hotel
The 3rd floor of the hotel also has a lot to offer, including nice views of downtown San Diego. There is a large open outdoor space with beautiful plants and fountains that can be ideal for an outdoor wedding.
San Diego wedding
Classic Wedding at the Westgate Hotel
Wedding at the Westgate Hotel in San Diego
Classic Wedding at the Westgate Hotel
Classic Wedding at the Westgate Hotel
It also great to venture out onto the streets surounding the Hotel. Just a stone throw away are many great urban photo opportunities like the trolley tracks and the spreckles theater to name a few. Also, kitty corner to the Westgate is is the newly invigorated Horton Plaza Park which also has some unforgettable photo locales!
Candid urban wedding photo
Urban Photo at Westgate Hotel
Horton Plaza Park
Trolley San Diego wedding photo
Wedding Venue San Diego
Westgate Hotel Wedding Brunch
Sushi Bar at the Westgate Hotel
Sushi Bar at the Westgate Hotel
The Sunday brunch at the Westgate is one of the most popular brunches in San Diego & many couples have time their weeding around the brunch!!

Westgate Hotel Wedding Photography

We photograph weddings at The Westgate Hotel frequently :) If you are considering a wedding at this venue, we are happy to talk over specific photography questions. We also suggest checking out more of our Westgate Hotel wedding photos.


An Exquisite Wedding at San Francisco City Hall | Ramona & Edwin

By, December 12, 2013

It’s hard to put into words all of the beauty contained within this timeless San Francisco wedding. The event included amazing architecture and intricate gold scroll work at San Francisco City Hall, a stunning princess ball gown, and a naturally beautiful couple! It was certainly a fitting occasion for this former Miss Canada, with so many interesting and gorgeous moments to capture through the lens.

Read on, check out this truly royal soiree, and try not to drool over all of the exquisite details! :)


Getting Ready:

Ramona and Edwin began their special day with their bridal parties, getting ready at separate homes in San Jose.  After the final touches were complete, the couple followed Assyrian wedding custom and invited family members to join them at each location. Once the crowds were gathered separately, Edwin and his family danced and sang their way to Ramona’s family, which led to an hour and a half celebration.

As everyone was leaving the house to head to the church ceremony, Ramona and Edwin partook in another interesting Assyrian ritual. The maid of honor stood at the door, and did not allow the groom to leave with the bride until the best man rewarded her with monetary compensation!


The Ceremony

Veiled and glowing with happiness, Ramona was escorted down the aisle by her father at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco.  Because this was a traditional Western wedding ceremony, Ramona carried a classic pastel rose bouquet adorned with a pearl rosary, which complemented her gorgeous dress perfectly.  After Ramona and Edwin shared their first kiss as husband and wife, they released a dove into the air and were off to celebrate!


The Reception

Dinner and dancing was held at San Francisco’s elaborate city hall. With tall ceilings, intricate scroll work, and a grand staircase, this space was absolutely exquisite! Tall, lush centerpieces embellished the tables, and crystal votives added a touch of sparkle. The entire look was tied together with beautiful sateen linens and gold chiavari chairs.  After guests had filtered into the dining area, Ramona and Edwin made a grand entrance like no other. With all eyes on them, and celebratory cheer ringing through the air, the couple walked down the oversized stairs like royalty. After sharing a first dance as husband and wife, and a playful cake cutting ceremony, the couple and their guests happily danced the night away!!


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