Let’s have a party, we’ll all dance the Hora!

By, November 30, 2017

The Hora is a customary Jewish wedding celebration dance. Once the song Hava-Nagila starts playing, guests instinctively rush to the dance floor, and hold hands to form a circle around the bride and groom. The crowd then lifts the newly married couple up in chairs, to honor and celebrate their union. It is a fun and cardio-centric tradition that will get you off your feet, and get your heart rate up!

The tradition of the Hora started long ago, during the time of arranged marriages. The purpose was to bring the community together in celebration, and put the (presumably nervous) young couple at ease. These days, the Hora remains a highlight of Jewish weddings, and remains a way to honor a Jewish heritage.

As wedding photographers, when we capture the energy and the joy of this moment, we make sure to place ourselves at the perfect perspective. Whether we’re unobtrusively in the middle of the action, or shooting from the sidelines, we make sure to capture the energy and excitement of the moment. Check out the fun photos we’ve captured of some real life “Hora Stories” :)

Family and friends fill the dance floor for the hora
Bride and grooms looks on to their guest for the hora
Bride and groom hold hands for the hora
Excited groom lifted up in a chair
Groom is lifted by family and friends for the hora
0007HoraStory copy
Groom huddles with friends
Bride and groom have fun with the hora
0011HoraStory copy
Guest surround bride and groom for the hora
Groom barely holds on as he's lifted for the hora
Mom gets lifted for the hora
Bride and groom enjoying the hora at their wedding
Bride and groom celebrate traditional hora

Jewish Wedding Celebrations | Mazel Tov!

By, April 07, 2014

Weddings that are culturally significant can have special meaning to family, friends, and invited guests. One such type of religious and cultural celebration is a Jewish wedding. Depending on the level of observance, there are many parts to the Jewish wedding festivities. Examples of customs that may be incorporated include the tish (breaking of a dish by the mothers-in-law), reading of the ketubah (marriage contract), and the shattering of a glass at the end of the ceremony.

We have photographed weddings for Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism, and are very comfortable and familiar with the rituals that may be observed at each level. Since we are prepared for all of the practices, and know the ins and outs of the ceremony, we can spend our time focusing on creative wedding photography. We also love to get right in the mix for some amazing action shots :) If you need any help in planning for a Jewish wedding with specific photography needs, please feel free to contact our studio

Here are some of our top picks from recent Jewish wedding celebrations.

jewish-1 jewish-2 jewish-3 jewish-4 jewish-5 jewish-6 jewish-7 jewish-8 jewish-9 jewish-10 jewish-11 jewish-12 jewish-13-14 jewish-15 jewish-16-17 jewish-18

Want to see more? Check out more images from recent Jewish Weddings!


Photographing A Jewish Wedding Tradition | The Art Of The Ketubah

By, March 27, 2013

A traditional Jewish wedding encompasses many traditions and practices from centuries ago. Typically, the marriage ceremony is held underneath a wedding canopy, which is called a Chuppah. Other traditions include reciting of the Sheva Brachot (Seven Blessings), breaking of the glass underneath the groom’s foot, and the bride and groom being lifted up in chairs on the shoulders of their guests for the “Horah.”

But before any of these festivities can begin, the Ketubah, or Jewish wedding contract, is signed. The Ketubah is an integral part of the a traditional Jewish marriage because it spells out the groom’s responsibilities to his bride. Ketubot are ceremonial pieces of artwork, and often include colorful, hand painted designs chosen by the couple or their families.


The Ketubah is signed by the bride and groom, two witnesses, and often the rabbi, while close family and friends gather around to observe.

San-Diego-Jewish-Wedding-KatubahKatubah-for-San-Diego-Jewish-Wedding copyJewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah-

Ketubot are designed by artists in a wide range of shapes and designs, and range in style from minimalist modern to very traditional.

Jewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah copy 7Jewish-Wedding-KetubahKatubah-for-Jewish-Wedding-in-San-DiegoKatubah-for-San-Diego-Jewish-Wedding- copy

One aspect that many Ketubot have in common is color! The intricate artwork often intermixes all colors of the rainbow, creating an eye-catching statement piece. Take a look at a few Ketubot we have photographed at recent weddings!

Jewish-Wedding-Katubah-San-Diego--Jewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah- copy 2Jewish-Wedding-Katubah-San-Diego- copyJewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah copyJewish-Wedding-Katubah-San-Diego-San-Diego-Jewish-Wedding-KatubahSan-Diego-Jewish-Wedding-Katubah copy

Ketubot are works of art, and often include meticulous hand cutting, shimmery paint and intricate details.

_Jewish-Wedding-Katubah-San-Diego-_Katubah-for-San-Diego-Jewish-WeddingJewish-Weddings-San-Diego-KatubahJewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah copy 4Jewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah copy 3

In a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, like this one at Estancia, the Ketubah is signed by two witnesses and read out loud under the Chuppah.


During the ceremony, a Rabbi typically states that “a marriage license is a requirement of secular law, and the Ketubah is the requirement of Jewish law.”


The same basic text has been used for several thousand years. Written in either Aramaic or Hebrew, the Ketubah features important information, such as the date, the couple’s English and Hebrew names and the ceremony location, all blended in with the artistic layout.

Jewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah- copy 3Katubah-for-San-Diego-Jewish-Wedding copy 2

The Ketubah is presented to the bride, and is later matted, framed, and displayed in a place of honor in the couple’s home. It is likely the first piece of art that the newlyweds own together!

San-Diego-Jewish-Wedding-Katubah-Jewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah- copyJewish-Weddings-San-Diego-Katubah copy 5

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