First Congregational Church of Los Angeles | Christine and Jin

By, March 24, 2016

Christine and Jin tied the knot at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. This church, which is one of the most spectacular in America, is located just minutes away from downtown LA, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Interestingly, the sanctuary of the church has been featured in productions such as Mr. Deeds, Spider-Man 2, National Treasure, Ugly Betty, and The West Wing. As a ceremony site, the First Congregational Church was especially appropriate for Christine and Jin, because Christine’s dad is the Pastor :)


Christine and Jin’s photography timeline included a first look prior to the ceremony. This enabled us to capture Jin’s first reaction to his bride in her wedding dress. While shooting, we made use of a wide-angle lens, allowing us to incorporate details of the building into specific portraits.


To ensure lots of coverage during the ceremony, given the immensity of the room, we actually had three photographers in action.


The first photographer was located up front, near the pew, capturing the ceremony up close.


The second photographer was in the balcony, taking overall photos and overhead views of the guests.


The third photographer was situated in the back, shooting details like the bride’s dress as she walked down the aisle.


The newlyweds held their reception at Stuart Hall Gallery, situated on the church grounds. One advantage to having the ceremony and reception on the same property is that attendees are able to mingle right away, enjoy dinner and congratulate the newlyweds.


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A Rooftop Kiss | InterContinental Hotel, Los Angeles

By, October 04, 2013

Being in love is sometimes described as feeling “on top of the world.” So why not let your surroundings reflect your emotions?

Our Photo of the Week features Danielle and Josh’s first look before their Los Angeles wedding. To ensure a quiet, private moment, they went all the way to the top of the InterContinental Hotel! We love the idea of stealing a few minutes in a secluded location like this. The view alone will jolt you with adrenaline, and mixed with a kiss from your love, you’ll be ready to conquer anything together!


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