After-Party Indulgences | Late Night Treat Inspiration Board

By, September 10, 2013

The clock has struck midnight. Your wedding guests have danced their butts off, and partied hard. How do you reinvigorate the crowd, and keep the celebration going? By breaking out the tasty late night treats, of course :)

End-of-wedding snacks are becoming more and more popular, especially at receptions that wrap up during the wee hours of the night. There are lots of variations on the perfect late night treat. For example, if you’re looking to cool off guests, a miniature ice cream cone is a great choice. Or, to energize the room for one last round of dancing, a ‘coffee and donut shot’ will do the trick. If you’re wanting something savory, you could serve tray-passed juicy sliders, scrumptious egg rolls, or french fry shooters. And, to really surprise your guests, you could arrange for the In-N-Out truck to serve fresh burgers!

Here is a compilation of delectable sweet and savory late night treats from recent weddings. Warning: The following images may make you hungry!