Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot in Rancho Santa Fe

By, January 30, 2013

We love being wedding photographers! As part of our job, we participate in one of the most significant and intimate days in a couple’s life. We also find similar joy in photographing the emotional proposal — the very first step in the wedding planning process!

This past December, we had the chance to be a part of Hyatt and Michelle’s engagement at her parents’ home in Rancho Santa Fe. The two of them are studying for their Masters and Law degrees respectively, at Duke University. While Hyatt was supposed to be going home to Georgia for the holidays, he made a pit stop at Michelle’s parents home. Together they devised a plan to surprise Michelle when she arrived home from the airport. When Michelle walked in the front door, her mom handed her the phone to speak to her boyfriend. To her amazement, he was waiting for her in the backyard with a bouquet and an engagement ring!

Because Michelle’s plane was a little delayed, the outdoor photos you see here were taken under the night sky! Take a look below at how the evening unfolded. Congrats to the happy couple!

Proposal-Photography-in-San-DiegoProposal-Photography-in-San-Diego-San-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography San-Diego-Marriage-Proposal-Photographed_Proposal-Photography-in-San-Diego-Proposal-Photography-in-San-Diego-- Proposal-Photography-in-San-Diego-San-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-PhotographyProposal-Photography-in-San-DiegoSan-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography--San-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography-_San-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography_San-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography-Proposal-Photography--in-San-Diego-San-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-PhotographySan-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography-_San-Diego-Marriage--proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography-_San-Diego-Marriage-proposal-photographed-by-True-Photography-