The Next Chapter Together

By, March 27, 2015

For many couples, the ring selection is a meaningful and integral part of the wedding process. It is no small feat to choose a symbol of eternal commitment and love to your spouse. So whenever possible, we like to take a moment to give the rings the spotlight they deserve. These objects of bling and beauty definitely deserve a solo photo!

In this Photo of the Week, we created a heart shape with book pages, and showcased the rings inside. A little backlight helped too!


See more ring shots we’ve captured at recent weddings.


Shine Bright Like A Diamond | Wedding Ring Inspiration Board

By, June 25, 2013

Recently, we’ve noticed new trends in engagement rings that have been popping up on our brides’ fingers. One design that has gained in popularity is the halo setting, which is characterized by a center stone bordered by a ring of tiny diamonds. Another fashionable style of late is the cushion cut, which features a square or rectangular shaped stone with rounded edges. Although decisions like solitaire, brilliance, emerald cut, clarity, platinum and carat can be overwhelming, our grooms seem to take it all in stride!

No matter the selected style, we make sure to capture a timeless photo of the rings that symbolize your union. Take a look below at this week’s inspiration board: beautiful ring shots that we photographed on the spot at recent weddings. Let us know which one you love the most!