Bridesmaids Dresses that Impress

By, February 18, 2015

When it comes to choosing bridesmaids dresses, there are absolutely no rules. You control the look of your ladies! Whether formal or funky fresh, your posse’s style helps bring the overall wedding day vision to life. The options are endless, and totally up to you.

Traditionally, formal weddings have featured bridesmaids in long identical gown. However, trends have evolved over time, and often depart from the classical look. For example, casual outdoor weddings lend themselves to shorter or mis-matched gowns. We’ve also caught glimpses of embellished gowns and patterned fabrics. Other current trends include bridesmaids wearing an array or colors, or monochromatic gowns in a variety of styles.

When dolling up your girls, you’ll want to keep in mind the season, time of day, and location, and vibe that you are after.  For a little inspiration, we’ve compiled some of our favorite bridesmaids dress combinations we’ve captured at recent weddings.  Enjoy! :)

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