Diamond Delivery | Wedding Ring Holder Inspiration Board

By, August 19, 2013

This week’s inspiration board showcases a few of the most unique ring delivery methods we’ve seen at recent weddings. Traditionally, the bands exchanged during a wedding ceremony are carried by a ring bearer, and displayed on a pillow. Now, however, it is common for brides and grooms to break with this custom, and to put their own creative spin on the ring presentation. 

As you’ll see, some couples have chosen to make a meaningful statement by attaching their rings to a bible, or enclosing them in an engraved wedding box. Other couples have rested the rings upon a hand-stitched pillow created by a family member. And others have incorporated their wedding theme by using a seashell ring holder for a beach wedding, or a wood slab for an rustic outdoor wedding. One of the most eye-catching ring introductions we’ve seen involved the ring bearer carrying a mitt, with the rings set atop a baseball. Truly creative and fun!

No matter the delivery method, we think these important rings should have an entrance worth remembering! How will your wedding bands make their debut? Check out the ring holders we captured for some inspiration: